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Win 95 install freezes

I'm trying to install Win95 from scratch. I have a Win98 boot disk and am booting with cd rom support. I have a 40x Atapi cd rom drive. Everything boots correctly from the floppy, and so I run "E: setup". Every time I try, the computer freezes at /exactly/ the same point in the installation. It freezes after the setup files have been loaded and I accept the read me agreement. When I click accept, the read me goes away and within a few seconds, a black box appears (about 200 x 80 pixels) and the screen freezes.

I've run scandisk and reformatted C:. The same thing happens when I try to do a Win98 install.

/Any/ ideas?
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1 Solution
How large is your hard drive?
Is it autodetecting properly in your bios?

Drives larger than 8.4 gigs may not detect properly on older bioses.
Have you partitioned the drive on this machine or is it from another.
If it was partitioned on another machine, you may want try to re-partition it on the current machine, then try reformating it.

Have you ran the detailed version of scandisk to lock out bad sectors?
If the setup program that windows tries to run is on bad sectors that
could cause the install to hang when the file is executed.

Try a Win 95 bootdisk instead of that Win 98 one!



Road Warrior
It may be your system has a virus check enabled in BIOS. The BIOS will detect changes to the MBR of the hard drive and try and alert you ( by popping up a little box ). The problem is, windows setup does not like that and it freezes the machine.

Try disabling the virus protect in BIOS.

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Just a thought..

Have you set a partition to "active" on the new disk using FDISK?
Have you done a SYS C: to put on the system files.

If you did both of the above, try formatting the Hard Drive with a Win95
boot disk first(with  cdrom support), then run the win98 install program
from within the win95 system...

Good Luck.
All good steps to try.  Add this one:

For the hard drive, type fdisk /mbr and hit enter.  It should repair the master boot record in case there's a conflict in operating systems.
pablohartAuthor Commented:

this was the problem it was having before... i went into the config and commented out the virus line. that didn't work. so i deleted it. that didn't work, so i formatted the drive. i thought a format would wipe out the old config and autoexec files and i wouldn't have to worry about the virus check. but that didn't work either!

BUT, you may be on to something here. since i'm never done this before, i'm not sure i'm editing the file correctly, or if the format took care of it, or what. should i repartition? will micro66's suggestion work?
Try installing again (DO NOT RECOVER) do a full install. But first I would FDISK the drive and or Low Level Fomat the drive and try again. (Remember to refresh master boot record as described in earlier comments)

This time, remove ALL the PC CARDS except for the video card. It may be having trouble detecting PNP devices. If you eliminate all the other cards and still have this same problem, chances are it would lean towards a BIOS setting like antivirus,PNP or something else to look at when you let us know how it went or still have the problem.

Which revision of 95 are you trying to install, and what chipset does your mainboard have? And what Mainboard is it?
yes destroy the partition with fdisk
create an active partition of fat16 "troubleshoot easy" <2gig
set it active and format c: /s

that should erase your old sys files...
pablohartAuthor Commented:

i /believe/ it's the latest version of Win95 (i bought it a month ago from a dealer. it has USB support, so i'm guessing it's the newest. it was sealed.)

sorry, where do i find the info on the chipset and mainboard?
You are trying to install Windows 95. You are using a Windows 98 boot disk.

You can't do that, Windows 98 is a different version... but of course you probably know this.

Try downloading the bootdisk from the site roadwarrior has suggested.

If you don't want to do that then boot with the W98 disk and CD Rom Support.

Copy the entire CD Contents to a partition on the harddrive (Like D:).

Now shut down the PC and boot with a Win95 or dos disk.

With a W95 Diskette run SYS C:

Remove the diskette and shut down the PC again.


Run the setup program from the harddrive partition.
Yes, the biggest problem is the boot disk issue, you have to use a 95 boot disk. It may be your problem right there (As told many times in above comments) CORRECT THIS FIRST BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE.

I was just trying to determine the chipset. For instance if you had a BX or newer chipset, it tends to act flaky with 95a (Retail Version) unless your using 95B or C. Version "C" which is only sold with a new computer and NOT retail obtainable. There fore I would recomend obtaining 95C or go with 98 or 98SE. 98SE I have not yet seen anystore that sells it, 98SE I beleive is also only obtainable with a new PC.

The chipset you can see when your computer boots up. It is usually one of the first things displayed. Or if you know what mother board you have, we can look it up.
If you are using the 95 cd with USB support it probably is win95B, user preference, however I like this version over 95C. 95C tends to be a memory hog like 98. When you bootup with the 98 bootdisk if that is the way you are going and you have set up a "D" partition (If you didn't set up a "D" and only have a "C" then do it there. What you will want to do from the "A" prompt with the bootdisk in is type MD d:\win95, or same but use "C". Once you have done this then go to your cd-rom drive and type copy win95 d:\win95 or "C" whichever you have. You do not need to copy the entire cd to your HD. As instructed above you will need to type sys c: from the "A" prompt also. Reboot your machine without bootdisk and when it arrives at the "C" prompt then if you had the "D" partition go to it which is D: then hit enter and then type cd win95 hit enter and then type setup and you should be on your way. If you don't set a directory up you will have the cd contents all at the root of whatever partition you copied them to. Dave
make sure you have it set to auto detect. i had the same problem with one of my systems a few months back. i got all fustrated, then took a good look at the cmos.. boom! right in front of my face.. good luck!
I've experienced the same problem before.
what you should do is, Boot our computer with the windows95 boot diskette, format the hard drive and and copy system files, i.e. ( format c: /s)

Then boot the your computer using a windows 98 boot diskette, (this is to load the cd Rom) copy  the files under the win95 directory to a directory on your hard drive probably c:\win95 too.

Restart your computer, and go to the Bios settings and disable Virus warning.

After which you boot your computer from the hard disk, and run setup from the hard disk. ( c:\win95\setup)

If this does not work, then there must be something wrong with your SIMMs or DIMMs.  Try replacing them.

This must work.
Good Luck
You do not have a disk manager installed, Correct? Just boot system with no disk in it and what do come up with? Do you come to a prompt without using a bootdisk? It appears that we need to get basic and start slowly, or you will be going in circles! What have you set your hd up with, one or two patitions? After reading above my head starts spinning and I cannot tell where you are at. Sorry! Dave
pablohartAuthor Commented:
well, i finally got it. i tried everything -- everything. i ran fdisk 3 times just to make sure, formatted, created a win95 directory on the c drive, copied the directory over, ran setup from the hard drive... and /nothin/... still bombed after accepting the agreement.

i reread all the entries above and decided to check the bios again. sure enough, virus detection was enabled. so i turned it off and tried it again. BINGO!

so, i guess jjeff1 had the issue solved all along. thanks!
Good call jjeff1! Glad you fixed your problem pablohart. You had a lot of good advise provided above and it was good on your part to sort it all out! Take care Dave

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