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I make an application using VB and Crystal Report 7.0, i want to print an invoices.

I have a problem when i print an invoices with 2 detail (record) the invoices footer position is moving up  but when the report have 5 detail (example) the invoices footer position is moving down.

So i want to put the invoices footer in a fixed position. Can you tell me about that ? Thanks.

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Sorry, I am weak in english...
I am not sure did I understand your question properly or not.

By the way, if you want to use a constance that represent newline character like vbCrLf in VB, try this...

StringVar cpNewLine := Chr(13);

You can use "cpNewLine" in your formula.

I am amazed, why don't you use detail section to repeat them?...

and what do you mean 2detail/records and 5 detail...?...

you mean like this??

there are Table1 and Table2.
you want to list like...
Table1.R1     Table2.R1
Table1.R2     Table2.R2
---------------     -----------------
Sum(Table1)  Sum(Table2)

isn't it??

Make sure that all the footer fields are in the page footer section of the report.
Try this:
-Open "Format Section" Dialog box.
-Check checkbox "Print at bottom of Page" as True.
-Enlarge Report footer (Invoice Footer) as you want.
That's all.

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Thanks syedAlif and StingRay i will split the points to you ...

I have another question ... can i order detail (in cystal report) to move down 1 lines ( like vbcrlf in vb ?)

so if i have 2 detail / records and 5 detail it will look like this :

  record 1          record 1      
  record 2          record 2
                    record 3
                    record 4
                    record 5  

  --------          --------
  footer            footer
You must use Grouping in your Crystal Report to group detail lines together.
Just include another details section say Details Section B by using Insert Section Below and then hide the Second Detail Section.

NOw, u can see that footer is always fixed iirespective of the number of records in details section.
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thanks i will post question again
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