Hide a SIOUX app

Hi there,

I'd like to hide the output window of a SIOUX (better: GUSI-SIOUX) application.
Alternatively would a "minimize" (like clicking at the right button in the titlebar) be a good first solution.

Thank you in advance for every answer!
Bye - chris
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I can't vouch for the safety of this, but it should work...

#include <SIOUXGlobals.h>

and in your code:

HideWindow((GrafPort *) &SIOUXTextWindow->window);

Be sure to call ShowWindow() before giving up control to SIOUX again... if I didn't, SIOUX would get confused, and not allow me to quit the app.

Make sure you check the value of SIOUXTextWindow before calling HideWindow() on it... it is a pointer and it could be NULL.

good luck,
charlassAuthor Commented:
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charlassAuthor Commented:
thanks for your answer, but unfortunately your hint (check for NULL) was really necessary...
No idea why it is NULL - because of using GUSI? (PS: Creating a new project from scratch without GUSI doesn't work too => assume no GUSI problem)

So I was looking for sth. like EnumerateWindows(), to get the WindowPtr from a backdoor but had no success so far.

Any further ideas are highly appreciated!
well, it you haven't called printf() or something that causes SIOUX to create the window, then it will be NULL... you might try just calling printf("\n"); before trying to hide the window.

charlassAuthor Commented:
Hi Dennis,
either you are an expert or you're guessing great ;-)

The thing is: I tried some cout<<"blabla" already before my 2nd post. After your message I added the "\n" - and then it worked!
I assume the "\n" causes internally a flush() - it causes the same effect like calling cout<<"bla" + cout.flush().

Thanks for your help!
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