what is plugin???
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SuperMarioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A plugin is a client-side extension to an application; in this case and most likely for a Flash user such as yourself, you're referring to the Flash plugin.

application/x-shockwave-flash is the MIME type

Shockwave Flash is the actual plugin name

This plugin allows the browser to play Flash movies and you can download it from

I hope this helps...


ushadAuthor Commented:
tell me about plugin in detail
about the Flash plugin, or plugins in general?
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what would you like to know about it?
ushadAuthor Commented:
general plugin + flash plugin. and the purpose of it
A plugin is usually a .DLL or .OCX file which is normally not an executable program. It contains lines of code that interface with the program it's "plugging into." Flash "plugs into" your Web browser. The Flash plugin contains an ActiveX control which is programmed to view .swf files.

So when people install the Flash plugin, the plugin is configured to work with your current browser so that you can view .SWF movies.

Plugins are made generally as an extension to an already existing program. They extend the functionality. If you wanted Microsoft Word to fire Canadian pennies from a cat's arse, for example, you would write a plugin that interfaces with Word and also to the little penny cannon you've wired inside your cat to correspond to commands inside Word.

And, by the way, the penny-firing ass cat (controlled by Word) would actually be a brilliant self-defense mechanism in my opinion. =)

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