Command Line Switches in Groupwise 5.x

I have a customer who uses Groupwise 5.x. I recently created an Access97 program for them, but they would like to be able to send confirmation messages from this Access program over their Groupwise mail. In mail programs like Pegasus and Navigator I can include command line switches in a Shell and open the mail program, include the senders name, subject , and the message. So far I have found no such switches that will allow me to do this in Groupwise. Does anyone know if they exist and if so how these switches would be implemented. Please respond as though these switches are being used on a desktop shortcut.
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I think what you want is gwsend.exe, send a message from the command line. Start at: and search, I can't remember the full address. Below is the syntax


GWSend - Send GroupWise Messages from Command Line

     Syntax: GWSend /T[o]= [Optional Parameters]
     Optional Parameters:
     /S[ubject]= Specify Subject
     /M[essage]= Specify Message (one line)
     /F[ileMsg]= Specify Message (loaded from file)
     /C[c]= Copy this recicient
     /B[c]= Blind Copy to this recicient
     /A[ttach]= Attach a file
     /U[ser]= Specify GW User Name (optional)
     /P[assword]= Specify GW User Password (optional)
     /Vx= Specify Variable /V0 .. /V9 for mail merge
     FileMsg may contain placeholders &&0 .. &&9

     If any parameter contains blanks, include it in double quotes

     GWSend / /S=Larifari /A=c:\this.doc
     GWSend /T="Wolfgang Schreiber" /S="This Subject" /M="Hi, Wolfi!"
     GWSend /T="Someone" /S="Bulk Mail" /F="F:\templ.txt" /V1=xyz /V2="a b"
There are various API,MAPI etc functions which you can access from MSaccess to send mail via groupwise

To get info on the api and mapi functions and do the mail send via program code rather than command line.

if you require more assistance in the use of api/mapi call in access - let me know.
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Mach1proAuthor Commented:
Was hoping for something more simplistic. Didn't see anything on the developer.novell address that would work without downloading and installing additional software on the customers PCs. Was hoping there would be something as simple to implement as Pegasus or Navigator.
Or use the api-gate on the server.
Then you don´t need Groupwise on the machine that is running Access, just place a formated textfile in the API gates directory on the server.
Mach1proAuthor Commented:
sverre  Do you have an URL to get more info about the api-gate procedure that you mentioned? What exactly is it supposed to do?
Check tid 2919438 and 2943000 on
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