Rockwell HCF 56k flex modem init string

I have a Rockwell HCF 56k flex modem in a HP Pavillion 8495 desktop computer.  I need the init string to set the baud rate to 9600 bauds for a specific program outside of windows 98 2nd. edition.  Therefore, the modem will work properly in windows and run at 9600 bauds in this specific program.
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PCGuruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Rather than go into a lengthy explanation the following site will supply all your needs -

it depends on what modulation type you want to use at 9600 baud rate, you can use one of these strings:
AT+MS=V34,1,9600,9600   or
AT+MS=V32B,1,9600,9600 or AT+MS=V32,1,9600,9600

AlanShearAuthor Commented:
These init strings lock up the modem & will not work.  This has been reported as a Winmodem, however this is not confirmed.  I have also tried the following init strings: +MS=V9.6 & AF + MS=V9.6   &     AT &E0$MB300    &     AT+MS=11,1. This unit has also been reported as a Riptide Modem by H.P.  I do not believe that this modem is Hayes compatable.

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here's a page from my website which lists all rockwell init strings.

oops, sorry, forgot it was HFC, those wont work.

What is the problem the modem is having?  Other than being HFC........
here's a great link for ya

here's the init string info

The Default INIT string used at the factory and stored into the modem is as follows:

Because the modem was initialized at the factory, you could use an initialization (INIT) string of:


Note:   This command resets the modem to the stored settings. If the settings have been changed by software or manually, this INIT string may not work correctly.

You could change the INIT string in all of your software packages to either of the two previous examples. The first example is the best to use because some software may change the values stored in the modem.

If you want to custom configure your stored profiles, we suggest that you always start out with an AT&F&C1&D2 before customizing other commands. This string will reset the modem to the factory defaults as well as reset some other basic settings.

If modem performance suffers after modifying settings, send the INIT string above (AT&F&C1&D2) to the modem
Try this.

It will store it in the proper register.


if you want to save it:

at&w0&w1 -> in case of ERROR : at&w

AlanShearAuthor Commented:
Non of the above init strings work. The problem seems to be applying a 9600 baud rate to the init string and keeping it .  All of the init strings that have been supplied want to sent the default string in lieu i=of an init string that will set the baud rate at 9600.  Sasson's string is the closest, but I need the full string to formula to use, not just a piec of the string.

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