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I am sure that most Win95/98 users are aware of the 'hole' in the Windows log in system which allows unauthorised users to access your system by simply press cancel. Is there a way of disabling the cancel button during login so a password in necessary in order to login. Without this feature is like an 'open safe'. If a patch is required could you please either email it to me or tell me where I can get it from.
Robert Guy
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You're guess as to why is as good as mine, I would guess that seeing as Win9x is not their baby Networking OS, ie. WinNT, that they did not feel it too important to make the password hard to break, as the one breaking the password w/ the cancel would probably be a family member.

Glad that I could help.

If you have network protocols enabled in Windoze (Client for MS / TCP/IP, NetBUI, etc), you should be able to prevent users from bypassing the login box with the cancel button by adjusting the registry like this.

Registry Settings:
Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Network\Logon]
Value Name: MustBeValidated
Data Type: REG_DWORD
Data: (0 = disabled, 1 = enabled)

Hope that helps.

Useful tool and will accomplish what you want.

You can also use tweakui.
TweakUI is installed from an INF file found on your Windows 98 CD
Read the readme file before installing TweakUI.
The file is found in the tools\reskit\powertoy directory.
        You can always use Start\Find to search your CD for TweakUI.inf
The install is accomplished by selecting the TweakUI.inf file
Right Click the Icon.
Select Install.
Follow on screen instructions.
RGuyxx3Author Commented:
Cheers nfroio I tried your suggestion and it seemed to work. All I want to know is why the win9x programmers did this, what did they achieve? 'tossers' by the way thanks alot your a genius. I wouldn't have had a clue.
Hewittq although I didnt try your sugestion thanks all the same :-)
I would suggest using tweakui anyway.  It has a lot of useful tools.

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