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photoshop 5.5 always hanged

I use photoshop 5.0 before , my computer is alright . But after I use photoshop5.5 , computer always hanged .
Just restart computer automatically or the hold window no response .

My computer is petium  450 MHz , 128 M ram , Cwin98 . I use photoshop5.5 to make filtering , resize image  , add text to image but always hanged .

Any requirement to install photoshop 5.5 and any method to prevent hanging
1 Solution
This is a software problem which basically is with the photoshop software
since its only the photoshop software which crashes

try reinstalling again and choose custom installation instead of typical, and see to it that you eliminate online help features etc.

if you have another operating system like win NT then install it there and create a shortcut in win 98 and it would work

if it is only PS5 hanged(crash), the other way try to uninstall it and clear the registry.

if there are other kind of program that also crash, then try reinstall the win98(cause win98 is not as stable as NT system).

one more thing, can u specify/list down the program that u have install? causesome of them can cause the PS5 can't run.
adragon218Author Commented:
Only window 98 and PS5.5 installed in my computer and I have install cwin98
serveral times . I have also tried to increase ram . I think if I use NT workstation wil l be better , but I still want to sue win98 .
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Hi! Adragon,

Check out the memory settings in the file\preferences menu. In the plug-ins and scratch disks option try giving your hard disk partitions as second, third and fourth. Make sure that you don't touch the first scratch disk allocation.

You would need to restart photoshop having done this. I hope this solves your problem.


Ullas P.A.

I think that you may want to review the instructions for installing Photoshop 5.5 on a computer that already has 5.0 installed.  5.5 uses a different directory structure due to the inclusion of ImageReady.  

Take a look at the troubleshooting help page at Adobe:

Hope you find it helpful.

5.5 consumes more ram than 5.0. You should have at least 128 Meg ram for 5.5 to work correctly.

adragon218Author Commented:
I have 128M ram in my computer
Go to start, programs, accessories, system tools and watch your system monitor. Run PS as you normally would then watch what happens to your system monitor. If it is a memory issue, you would be able to tell from there. Please report back and I'll go on from there :)

adragon218Author Commented:
I have monitor the cpu and memory form the system tools . When the photoshop running resize or filtering , the phsyical memory begin decrease and near to only serval mega btye , and the computer hanged or reboot , even sometimes I find that memory not few but also hanged .
Sorry but you lost me there. Are you talking about the system monitor? At what levels did the system monitor graphs peak?
I have had the same problems with Photoshop 5.5, I have a 500Mhz pc with 256 meg ram, which should be more than enough!
What I have done is in Photoshop, go to File Menu > Preferences > Memory & Image Cache, this shows exactly how much memory photoshop actually uses. Many people, like yourself may have 128 meg ram available, but photoshop may actually only be using 50% of it. To correct this, you should put up the % of memory used by photoshop to approx 90%. You have to reboot the machine for the changes to take place.
Hope this works

Photoshop 5.5 has a thing with Norton Antivirus 2000. Download the updates and see in the files list if there is a fix for photoshop rebooting/hanging error. I did this and haven't had a problem since.
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