NT4 BDC Upgrade Issue


I am having a problem upgrading my NT4 BDC to Win2k Advanced Server. The PDC was first upgraded successfully, after this, I upgraded the BDC following the same method and no errors found. After Dcpromo finished, I found this: In AD, Domain Controllers folder, the property of my BDC still show it as a NT 4 server rather than Windows 2000.

Has anyone seen this? Will this cause a problem in change domain mode later?

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No, i had a similar problem with one of my BDC's. As long as it's replicating ok you should be fine.

Have a look in replication monitor.
hubenAuthor Commented:
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hubenAuthor Commented:
thanks for your comments, I am not with the server these 2 days, I will try and check replication monitor and let you know.
hubenAuthor Commented:
Hi, I did not get the chance to look at that server and its problem, the project has been cancelled.

Anyway, thanks for your help, and here is your points.
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