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Services stopped !!

Hi, I'm running Linux Red Hat 6.0
Yesterday, my station had some probs:

services (most of them) seems to run but in fact they don't !!

==> At boot, everything seems ok, but
when the system is ready, if I try to stop a service (i.e. sendmail, i have the following error : [the_pid_value] No such PID.

if I compare in /var/run/sendmail.pid and ps -ax | grep sendmail, I've the same value, but this one seems to be bad.

Any ideas are welcome,

Thanks, Aldric
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1 Solution
how exactly are you trying to stop them?
aldricAuthor Commented:
/etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail stop

Also, when RedHat 6.0 is shutting down,
it comments every step of the reboot.

and for most process, I've the reprot :
If I understand the last part of your question correctly, you are saying that the PID of sendmail as recorded in sendmail.pid is the same pid as you see from a ps listing. What happens if you try to kill sendmail by it's PID, i.e. "kill 1234" (using the pid from a ps output)?

In what way are the services failing to run? With sendmail for instance, can you telnet to the sendmail port (e.g. "telnet localhost 25")? Can the machine be seen on the network (via ping, tenet, etc.)? Can the machine see other networked systems?
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aldricAuthor Commented:
Hi jlevie,

I think you have found a way to solve this prob: effectivly, I can connect on port 25 and if I kill the process, it didn't appeared anymore in my ps list.
So I looked closely at my process and I realized that the prob comes from inetd

This daemon won't start. And so,it don't appear in the ps list.

I wish it can help ...,

If all that's wrong is inetd isn't starting, that is likely to be fixable. A few of reasons why inetd isn't starting include; a) the system isn't going all the way to runlevel 5, b) the inetd executable is damaged, or c) the inetd.conf file is bad. However, there could be other problems also and it might be helpful to know what happened just before this problem surfaced.
aldricAuthor Commented:
Normally, nothing happened just before.
If fact, saturday everything was OK. and, Monday morning, the probleme was here. But nobody was at the office during the w-end.
But it's true that the station) (a mail server in fact) was online during the w-e.

I'll change inetd executable now to see if it's better.
How can I know if It's really in runlevel 5?
windows manager seems to work.

Thanks, Aldric.
Try "runlevel", it should tell you that the system is runlevel 5, which is the normal multi-user level. X windows and anything that doesn't use one of the services started from rc4.d/rc5.d will work at runlevel 3. But inetd doesn't get started until the system goes to runlevel 4 (at least on 6.1).

If the system is at runlevel 4 or greater, you ought to look at /etc/inetd.conf and see if it looks okay. I believe that a bad conf file will keep inetd from starting. Another thing to try would be to invoke the init script for inetd (/etc/rc.d/init.d/inet start) and see if it complains.

How long has the system been up (check with "uptime")? Could it have rebooted over the weekend?
aldricAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jlevie, you lead me to the right way :=)

runlevel was 5.
but inetd and inetd.conf were corrupted?

Why this happened, I can't say but this was the prob. Thanks again.

/etc/rc.d/init.d/inet start failed to start
After this prob, I tried some reboot, so uptime is useless here :=)

Thanks, Aldric


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