How do you cause a program to continue on restarting of the PC

I’m using package and deployment wizard to install some software.  If it needs a restart I want the wizard to re-run when the user has restarted – because otherwise my DLLs are not installed

It may be that I should only restart when I have completely finished installing everything – is this possible ?   I think the restart is required because I’m upgrading their version of ADO – can I get away with installing MDAC after my DLLs (which depend on MDAC) ?
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gcs001Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry that should be RunOnce in the key, not WunOnce!
A system will normally require a restart if it need to update system files that our out-of-date.
Should you wish to automatically restart the installation after the restart you will need to add the Setup.exe program to the registry key that specifies which programs to start at startup time.

You should add an entry to the RunOnce key which is situated in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WunOnce under Windows 95, I'm not sure what it is under NT, but it will be similar.

To be able to do this from the Setup program you will need to modify the original Setup program that is shipped with VB to include this change.

Hope this helps.

tomnichAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'll give that a try

tomnichAuthor Commented:
Thanks that worked
Glad to have been of assistance.
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