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I want to set up an ISDN router that my clients can dial into and then access a Citrix server within the network.  Normally we would enable RAS on the Citrix server and clients would just dial that machine, but I want clients to come in via the ISDN.  What is the best way to do this?  Can the router pass user credentials to another machine on the network, or should I just have it assing a valid address and let clients authenticate with individual NT machines?
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hstilesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You've got a number of choices -

You can still use the RAS route.  Get hold of a decent ISDN adapter (Eicon, Brooktrout, etc...) these will support both digital and analog dial up clients.

Alternatively, you can allow users to dial into the router directly.  To be honest, the router idea isn't brilliant for anything other than router to router communication.

The type of authentication method that your router can support will vary from model to model.  I believe 3Com OfficeConnect devices just support CLI (Caller Line ID), whilst other devices will support PAP, CHAP, etc...

For dial up networking, the router will only be concerned with the login credentials for the particular dial-port, unless it is a RADIUS client, in which case in will pass the connection request to a RADIUS server for authentication.

My honest opinion is that the simplest and probably most cost effective solution would be to use an ISDN dial-up adapter rather than a router.
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