Lock down IE 5.0

I am working on a PC that has NT 4.0.  The options in IE 5.0 under the security tab are unselectable. Why?  How do I fix it?
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simonprrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, tell a lie, there is a way.
It may not work, depending on other security settings your admin may have set, but create a file (using notepad) and name it security.reg. Then open it in notepad and paste the following in it and then save, close and run it.


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

It should enable them!
Are you logging in as an Administrator or a regular user?  If you are logging in as a regular user then the admin might have disabled those features for you.

Those features can be disabled using an policy in windows NT. Your administrator has probably disabled them to stop you changing them.

There is no way round this without supervisor access!
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kkirt1Author Commented:
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kkirt1Author Commented:
You guys are great! I installed the registery hack and walla!  No more IE security issue.

I am however a administrator of my machine.  How do you change it that way?  I need to make that change to some other machines where the users are admins but I am not sure how they (the Corporate machine) would react to registery hacking these machines.  
So you are the admin??

So can't you check the policy. You do this by using policy editor and opening \\ntserver\netlogon\ntconfig.pol and then there will be options in there to edit these settings for everyone in the domain. You will need the internet explorer adm files (these are templates).

Alteratively, you could put a shortcut (or put the line below in a batch file) in there startup with this in it:

c:\winnt\regedit.exe /s <location>\security.reg

The /s stops the user getting the message 'security.reg has been successfully entered into the registry'.
So they won't know! Unless they look in their startup. Then remove it later.

PS. You said 'you guys are great that registry file worked'. It was only me who suggested the registry file!!!
kkirt1Author Commented:
I hate when that happens- use the plural noun when I should have used the singular.  I stand corrected!  Simonprr - your great!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I got discovered.  I don't know that much about NT (dah!) I am the administer of my machine (I think) but not the network.  Can I edit these policies from my machine or do I have to do it from the doman controller?
Yes you would need to be a domain admin and these are located on the PDC (primary domain controller).

However, doing that shortcut thing should work.
kkirt1Author Commented:
Thanks!  YOUR great!  
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