Emboss and color loss

Can someone at ExpertSexChange tell me how I can emboss text without making it all grey?

thanks in advance,
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To emboss text without making it grey, don't render the image then emboss - instead, click on the "Layers" floating pallet, and right click inside the box that contains the text of the layer that you just made, then click on EFFECTS (i.e.: if the text you wrote was "TEXT HERE" then the box would say TEXT HERE).  There should be a check box that says "Apply" uncheck it.  Click on the down arrow on the box that says "Drop Shadow" and click on the fourth item: Emboss and Bevel (or something like that).  Near the bottom of the window there should be another box that says "Emboss", "Pillow Emboss" or something like that (don't know what version you're running) and click on whatever effect you want ... personally i like them all - play around with it.  Its not as difficult as it seems =)
SuperMarioAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, I'll probably end up accepting your answer, but I can't find the Effects menu item. I go to the Layers palette, I right click, and it gives me:

Select All
Duplicate Layer
Delete Layer
Layer Options
Color Range
Save Selection

And that's it... Am I clicking in the wrong place?
SuperMarioAuthor Commented:
Version 4.0 by the way
Version 4....don't bother accepting my answer it can't be done!  Try upgrading to 5.5...sorry bout that buddy
SuperMarioAuthor Commented:
Thanks man, that's all I needed to know =)

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