dns, and where is my website

I am learning DNS for linux and I have a question.
I own a domain name, (turnedon.com)
I registered my linux computer and a nameserver with networksolutions. If you do a whois for it, they say it is running.
For my primary nameserver I use that linux box, which also hosts the website.
My secondary nameserver is at work, and it had the domainname pointed to my at work computer before I started working with my linux box at home. I changed the ip address on the secondary nameserver to point to my computer at home. Everything worked, then I totally removed it from the zone file (on the nameserver at work) to see if m yprimary is working and now I can't open the website by typing www.turnedon.com, I can see it with the ip number though.
Does this mean that my primary name server is not working.
I can also get to it by typing ns.turnedon.com. ns is the name of the linux computer and it is in the SOA of th ezone file, www is an A record for ns.
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Something is wrong in that only one IP is being shown for turnedon.com (you are supposed to have two). The IP that I see is, which corresponds to ns.turnedon.com. Is that supposed to be the primary?
unomateoAuthor Commented:
yes, it is suppose to be primary.
Yesterday I removed the zone file from the secondary server to see if I could get to the website, but I just added it back, it still isn't working yet though, but isn't there like a refresh that is associated with DNS?

did you run, nslookup to find the ip numbers?

would you like to look at my zone file for the primary server?

Yes I used nslookup. First I tried "nslookup www.turnedon.com" which returned nothing. Then I tried "nslookup -query=ns turnedon.com" which told me that there is a single nameserver available. For some reason I couldn't get a whois response this morning, but I get one now and I thinkI see what the problem is. "whois turnedon.com" returns

Whois Server: whois.networksolutions.com
Referral URL: www.networksolutions.com
Updated Date: 21-apr-2000

I assume that you were using ns.ofarrell.com as a secondary, but you told it not to answer request for turnedon.com by removing the zone definitions from it. However, since it's listed first in search order and is actually running it will return a "no data for that domain" and stop the lookup process. You need to put the secondary zones back in place on it.

Now if it worked before with ns.ofarrell.com configured as a secondary, that means that the primary must be correct. Correctly configured, a secondary gets all of its data about a zone from the primary via a zone transfer.

Regardless of which is the primary, you want the nameserver that's the "most well connected" to be listed first in the search order. For instance, If I had a primary whose Internet link was an ADSL (1.5Mbps down, 256Kbps up) and a secondary on a full T1 (or better), I'd make the search order to be the secondary, then the primary in order to speed up DNS lookups.
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unomateoAuthor Commented:
I added a www.turnedon.com as an A record for It seems that the web page comes up when I am at home and when I am at work. At home My computer points to ns.turnedon.com for a  nameserver and at work the ns.ofarrell.com nameserver is our secondary, I had someone try to look up the web page and they couldn't get it.

Can you try to look up www.turnedon.com and see if it works, if it don't then can you try ns.turnedon.com?

I think I have to point to either of those nameservers to hit the web page, if not then you can't see it.
Okay, I get:

levie> nslookup www.turnedon.com
Server:  merlin.dynetics.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    ns.turnedon.com
Aliases:  www.turnedon.com

But that's because my local nameserver "knows" that ns.ofarrell.com isn't answering requests for trunedon.com. And it knows that because I've previously given it a hint that ns.turnedon.com will answer requests by explicitly using ns.turnedon.com.

Anybody else's (other than yours or my name servers) will ccontact the root servers. According to whois the first server listed is ns.ofarrell.com and that's the nameserver they'll try to use.

Checking that way you'll see something like:

levie> nslookup
Default Server:  merlin.dynetics.com

> server ns.ofarrell.com
Default Server:  ns.ofarrell.com

Server:  ns.ofarrell.com

*** ns.ofarrell.com can't find www.turnedon.com.: No response from server

So, ns.ofarrell.com isn't answering requests for the domain and it has to for the DNS to work.
unomateoAuthor Commented:
what do I do now?

Since I am working on setting up a DNS server at home I would rather have my DNS server ns.turnedon.com be the primary server. I don't want to mess with ns.ofarrell.com.

when I do a whois is from internic.net, ns.ofarrell is listed first, when I do a whois from networksolutions.com, ns.turnedon is listed first?
Is this the problem?

 should I contact the internic and have them switch the nameservers?
One problem that you've got is that you are required to have two name servers. If you don't want to use your work server as a secondary, you'll have to find someone else willing to provide a secondary name server. Yes, the different whois responses indicates a problem. And you've got yet another problem that I can see as I dig into it a bit more.

Your nameserver is, but an IP lookup says that the FQDN for that IP is c884038-a.almda1.sfba.home.com, not ns.turnedon.com. That's because the IP hasn't been delegated to you by your provider and it is going to cause other problems. You certainly need to check the Terms & Conditions of your service provider. Quite a few have strict prohibitions against any of their customers running any kind of server unless you have a "commercial service", usually at significantly more cost.
unomateoAuthor Commented:
I think you found a big problem. So the nameserver for my isp (@home) has a nameserver running with that number already taken. I didn't think of that.

Thanks for your help, I will keep trying it out.

Well, as I said that only one of the problems. Your nameserver answers if it's given the query, its just that it may not be the name server that Internet DNS servers contact. Depending on which root server an Internet nameserver uses, they either see ns.turnedon.com or ns.ofarrell.com first. That's not in itself a problem as both primary and secondary are required to exist and the  secondary is supposed to  have the same data as the primary. The problem is that your listed secondary doesn't resolve data for your domain. If you fix that at least forward lookups will start to work.
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