SQL*PLus calls plus33..should call plus80

I use Oracle 8.0.4.

In the command line I try to use sqlplus that calls plus80, but it keeps calling plus33(which gives an error message) Registry key: EXECUTE_SQL was "plus33", but I changed it to "plus80"...still does not work.
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jtriftsConnect With a Mentor MI and AutomationCommented:

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jtriftsMI and AutomationCommented:
In your registry, under:

There must be a key called PLUS80.  Its string value should be pointing to your plus80 location, typically C:\ORANT\PLUS80

Further, I would recomment adding a key called PLUS_DFLT and set the string value to PLUS80.

You should also have a PLSQL80 key that points to c:\orant\plsql80 (though this will not affect sql*plus.

Your sqlpath should point to c:\orant\dbs (I believe).

And finally, as you say, they EXECUTE_SQL key should have the string PLUS80 as you noted that you have done.

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