Monster Fusion 3D in NT?????

Can i run my PCI monster 3d video accelerator card under windows nt 4.0 server? , diamonds websites is not good for help.. thought you might be able to help??  Thanks in advance.
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Arturo HernandezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, you can, you have you install  SP3 with Direct3D support, and if you don't have the drivers you can download then in:
hi johnny kool:

yes you can do that, you can get the driver from

hope it helps...

johnny_koolAuthor Commented:
I am sorry, i should rephrase my question.  It is a "Diamond Multimedia Monsterd 3D PCI Card" not 3D II or Fusion.  Just plain old Monster 3D.  Thank you for your answer though, it was greatly appreciated.
johnny_koolAuthor Commented:
Once again.. I MESSED UP THE QUESTION TITLE.  It is not a FUSION..  sorry... :(
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