Mouses but for artists.

The usual mouse is not what you call smooth
when trying to draw subtle curves in painting programs.
R there any mouses on the market that are like
pens and that have great control?
Rec. some for me please.
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LokiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Where I work, I've outfitted my drafting department with Microsoft's Intellimouse Explorer.  This mouse does not have a ball, but uses a small camera/ laser system that takes thousands of pictures of the mousing surface to get positional data.  We find it to be much smoother and more accurate than ball mice, plus no mouse gunk to clean out.  For 75 buck, I would definetly suggest this for any drawing application, and no, I do not work for Microsoft  ;)

Good Luck!
zappyAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points from 100 to 200
zappyAuthor Commented:
Good answer but if someone can give me
the product name of a pen device that
draws on a pad you will get 200 points.
I like the idea of using a pen because it
seems a faster way to get shapes drawn than
fiddling with anchor points in drawing programs.

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This site has some cool products:
and here are some other tablet manufactuers:

SummaFlex by Summagraphics (
Acecat by Acecad (

Good Luck!
zappyAuthor Commented:
That's the ticket get your 200 points.
Thanks, happy drawing!
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