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I got some comics that I want to publish in WEB.  The images size are very large (about 200M per image)!  The original one is in Tiff (Mac format) and so I have to change the tiff to jpg format and then publish it.  So what is the best methods to reduce the size and the quality is good especially the conversations inside images.
I have used JPG but the conversation quality  is still bad

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ssdesignConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Good Morning,
I do understand your problem
U want to publish your comics on the web

the answer on how to make it possible

1. while scanning use 72dpi resolution and image size 100%
2. change the image size of the image before converting it to index color
3. go to image > image size
change the resolution now to 13 dpi
and then reduce the image size using constraint to proportion ticked

this will dramatically reduce your image size

now go to file > save as option and use photoshop 5.5 to get the images saved in a best gif form possible.
U should use photoshop5.5 this will solve a lot of your problems

ONE more thing is that
1.try to keep the text different from the images
2.keep the layout of your comics in a way that less images are there per page
3. give your target users the download and the previous/ next option

happy photoshopping

200MB per image! Did you scan the comics? If so, try using a lower dpi value (dots per inch) Is it black and white? If so, save it as an gif-image.
(go to the imagemenu, choose mode, choose indexcolor. Then you go the the filemenu and choose save a copy . save as gif)
I agree with Snubbenx that if you scan these images try scanning them at say 150-200 dpi.  Also if you scanning software allows for color depth change it to a lower setting.  Maybe 256 colors or 16bit.  If they are true cartoon comics 256 colors should be enough.  

The one area I disagree is that when you convert them do it as a jpg.  JPG seem to keep there colors better than gif's in my experience.
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Radartech: I said if the pics were "black and white" ->then gif. Gif is much better with black and white and pics with few colors.
gorexyAuthor Commented:
I have tired to reduce the dpi but the conversation is not clear

also, if I got a great deal of images the I want to publish in the web, what is the best and fastest way to do that?
I am now using 2 days to publish a 30 pages book!  It is slow!
How can I simplify the process?
My exisit procedure is:

1.  scan book
2.  image processing/compression
3.  Put them in Dreamweaver
4.  Upload to server

Any other faster way?
If you are only posting the images on the web and not planning to print them, reduce the resolution to 72dpi.  Any higher than that is a waste of file size.  While not seeing your images I would recommend jpg format at a high setting.  As a test convert one image as a jpg and then as a gif and see which quality looks best.  Usually jpg's are recommended for photo's and gif's are better for flat color illustrations/logos.  Depending on the size dimensions of you image, you shouldn't have an image above 500k.  Any larger than that an your image might download too slowly for anyone to stick around to see all 30 pages.  130k is an average files size for large images.

Which version of Photoshop are you using?  You could make an Action to automatically convert your files to a set pixel size and resolution but I like doing them by hand to insure best results.

Are you scanning the images right from a book or are these files you have been sent.  If you are scanning the images yourself, I would scan them at 150 dpi and then reduce them down to 72dpi in Photoshop.  I have seen some differences in the final quality of an image that was scanned at 150dpi and then reduced down rather than an image that was scanned right at 72dpi.  A little extra work can produce better results.

When you say you have some comics you want to publish on the web do you mean comics you have purchased or comics you have illustrated?  Be careful of Copyright issues.

Try going to Image/Image Size, and reducing it a whole lot.  5 inches equals 360 pixels on my computer, and I think it's the same on them all.  Save the image first - if you make it too small, then you can't undo it.  Also, make sure that you hit "Constrain Proportions", or else the size will become highly distorted.  Also, try cropping off extra material with the Crop tool - margins and such ilk are not necessary.

Hope this helps!
Are you sure about changing the images to 13 dpi?  That would reduce the size of the images considerably on the web.  Maybe you could go into more detail about why this is a good idea.

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