Domino for AS/400 DECS

I'm trying to implement DECS for domino as/400.  I have a couple of examples and several red and yellow books. When I try and create a new connection for DB2 the DECS administrator displays a message "browsing server" and hangs up. This happens when I click on the arrow for choosing an Owner under the Table Selection fields. I have added a relational database directory entry. How can I get DECS working or where can I look for good documentation on implementing DECS?
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BERRY2KConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In DECS admin, turn on data journaling to create the sql packages.
You may have to ADDRDBDIRE to add the AS/400 into the Relational DataBase DIRectory (Entry).
roosterupAuthor Commented:
I have had a relational database directory with a rmtlocname of "*local".
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roosterupAuthor Commented:
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roosterupAuthor Commented:
I finally got this to quit hanging up, but ran directly into another problem.  The DB/2 files I'm trying to access are not on the Domino/400 server.  I added a Relational Database Directory Entry for our production 400,and recieved this error message when trying to create a connection in DECS Admin:

Error: SQL package QSQCLIPKGN in QGPL not found at DRDA Server, Connector
'db2' Method -Connect (-805)

Anyone know what that means or have and advice for getting my 400's to talk to each other using DECS?
roosterupAuthor Commented:
I know my 400's can talk to each other. The DECS administrator is looking for an sql package QSQCLIPKGN in QGPL. How do I create this?
If you have SQL installed (licensed program 5769-ST1), can you connect to the production AS/400 via:

2. connect to <production AS/400 RDBDIRE name>
3. select * from <some file on the production AS/400>

This ensures that a DRDA connection can be established between the two machines.

another test is to create a DDM file on the Domino machine that points to the production machine and then try to DSPPFM <DDM file> to see if a connection can be made.
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