Looking for a free Program to Convert Music Files

Hello, I was wondering if any one knows of a free download that will allow me to convert realplayer files into .wav files.  I alson need the ability to convert .mp3's into .wavs.  If any one can help me out that would be great.  Thanks.
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swwelshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Total Recorder from www.highcriteria.com will convert realaudio streams to stereo .wavs It's shareware but only about $12. There is a winamp plugin called mp3towav that will do the mp3 to wav, thing, as well as the program bantams mentioned. Most other players can do this these days
well musicmatch jukebox will convert mp3's to wav and vice versa.

don't know if it does realplayer files though.

you can get it from :-

 MP32WAV Professional converts .mp3's into .wavs


I know with the Sound Blaster Wave Studio you can play the file and RECORD it internally with no cables into a wav file. But don't know off hand any direct converters that will do it.

You just have to set the recording device to be on with the player.
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