blue crash screen LTMDM3

i get this screen (unrecoverable) 3 out of 4 times at the very end of my win98 boot. sometimes holding the shift key down helps, sometimes it doesn't.

i get same crash everytime i start windows' cd player. i DON'T get it when starting other cd players (adaptec jukebox).

the start-up crash has happened occasionally for some time now, but recently, as i mentioned, 3 out of 4 times. i hope i can fix this without reinstalling win 98.

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PCGuruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Glad to at least aid in the learning process, sorry we couldn't reach a definite successful conclusion for you, thanks for the split for myself and pjknibbs.

Two easy maintenance items first (since you rather not reinstall)

Start in safe mode and run scandisk let it run a through scan. then boot to normal mode and from the start run command line type SFC (system file checker) let it search for changed or deleted file. Always restore or keep the lastest version.

see if it helps
Not enough relevant info here. Please supply more about the error description. Did this just happen out of the blue (no pun inteneded) or was it after installing new software/hardware?

Also as a point of interest you may want to check the following site -

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You can use msconfig.exe to uncheck some or all of your programs in the startup tab.
When you have located the program that give you the "blue screen of death". You may reinstall it if you like or simply uninstall it.

And for the CD-player. In add/remove programs uncheck your CD-player click apply and check it again and click ok.

Good luck
nushieAuthor Commented:
i've done everything suggested:

NDD and SFC. found one corrupted file and replaced. no fix.

unchecked all in msconfig. some get re-checked upon re-start. no fix.

uninstalled CDplayer.

actual screen copy:

An exception OE has occured at 0028:C26E2478 in VxD ---. This was called from 0028:C14E0076 in VxD LTMDM3 (10) + 0006C466. It may be possible to continue normally.
*press, etc.

can never continue normally.

this has happened for many months, but infrequently. now i have to reboot many times to get past it. it happens at, what seems to be, very end of boot. wallpaper in place and all start ups going.

as mentioned, got rid of all startups in msconfig; no luck.

LTMDM3 does not seem to be one of the standard VxDs which ships with Windows 98, which means it must have been installed by a program you added since the original installation of Windows. Could you try finding the LTMDM3.VXD file on your system and see if you can get any information about it from the Properties box under Explorer?
nushieAuthor Commented:
to: pkjnibbs

i did a search, and there is no ltmdm*.* at all in my system. however, this , and the link from PCGuru above got me to thinking.

ltmdm3; lt mdm; LT modem. my modem is a cheapo lucent winmodem identified as 'LT WIN MODEM.'

therefore, i will uninstall the modem and see where that takes me.

thanks, and i'll report back as soon as i am able to deal with this.
nushie: glad the link helped you to start the grey matter whirling, and glad the link helped. The other thing to try is tapping F8 immediately at startup to bring up the boot menu, select the "bootlog.txt" option and proceed normally,ie,not safe mode. When the PC hangs, reboot again pressing F8 but this time choose the"command prompt only" option and then at the "c:\" prompt - "edit bootlog.txt" - without the quotes of course. In the edit window go to the end of the file and you either see "initialisation failed" or "initialising" for a particular file. This will tell you (usually) exactly which file is at fault.

Thought I would add my 2c in.  You said you done a search, did you do the same search in the registry for the vxd file.  Also check what is being run in the startup and also check via 'sysedit' for the file in the system and win ini files.

For registry: regedit
For system: sysedit

nushieAuthor Commented:
sorry its been so long for my response to all of the good feedback. unfortunately, none of it worked. i uninstalled the modem, and i thought i had it, but then things got worse. i got blue screens that had no 'name,'  just addresses.

i tried everything suggested to me in this post. i also went into safe mode, and eliminated all of my startups. i did the searches as suggested.

i tried bootlog.txt, and got NO failed entries.

i appreciate all of the advice; i learned alot in spite of the fact that i eventually had to bite the bullet, and reinstalled the system. (or started to; it'll take about a week after hours).  i had to get some  work done this am, and receive some files via email.

anyway, i'd like to split the 200 between PCGuru and pjknibbs whose suggestions were the most insightful.

i'll do this just as soon as i learn how from the community dudes.

thanks again. this is a super sight with really good folks.

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