deleting lilo?

I uninstall linux on a 13 gig hd but now
I can not format "media unreadable",and remove lilo ?
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mattropeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If LILO was installed to the master boot record and you still have DOS or Windows on the machine, you can remove LILO from the MBR by typing:

   fdisk /mbr

If LILO isn't in the MBR, I assume you can destroy it by using fdisk to wipe the partition.
You could try downloading a 98 boot disk from if you don't have dos/windows installed, I think you would need WINE to extract it though.

Just my 2ยข
Boot the machine in DOS and enter
fdisk mbr from the command prompt. This will remove LILO from your MBR assuming you used to boot your box from a local harddrive.
Otherwise format your partition.
I know when I did it I had to run fdisk /mbr a few times to get rid of Lilo.
blakogAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot that was it!
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