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i just downloaded the flash software and would like to start learning it. i need some good links that will teach me the basics up to the advance features of flash. i have no background w flash, not even sure what it is.

points to the one w the most useful links. thanks.
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Most of the sites mentioned above are providing .fla files whic need to be understood to make them function your way.

The best place to start learning is the flash4 help files and tutorials provided by flash4 itself inside the software.

Once you are through with the basics then only try these web-sites.

Also macromedia has a support forum where you can get the latest tips online.

Hope this will help you, hope to see you in the experts area soon....... :)
thanx for the links and suggestions. i will take a look at them.

quick Q, is there a difference between macromedia and flash?
flash is from the firm macromedia.
When you finishing the lessons in Flash you must go to www.were-here.com that's one of the greatest tutorial site (I think).

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