Maxumum overclockability...

Anyone seen this site?

a 486sx 25 running at a reported 247mhz - cool

Only posted here as I thought you guys would be interested...
Points go to the best hair-do or something...
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RoadWarriorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't actually believe it. I am pretty sure that a 486sx doesn't have a clock multiplier pin unless it is an SX2. A 486 motherboard is only capable of 75Mhz clock max, this is due to them often having clock chips that could be used on pentium boards, and you can play around with the jumpers to find 60, 66, and 75Mhz clocks on them. Also the multiplier settings available are usually 2x and 3x AMD dx5's usually use one of these for 4x though, I was under the impression that the jumpers for these just indicated to the CPU how much it should mulitply and that the actual clock to the CPU was always the board clock and mulitplication happened on the CPU itself.

If we assume they got a SX that was produced from a die intended to make dx4s, which would mean it should be a 3.3v core not a 5v one (although this probably wouldn't matter too much  if it was intended to run at 25Mhz) and the clock mulitplier pin was there then MAYBE they could have gotten 3x75, which is 225, now I guess the clock speed detect routine would get a little phased by speeds higher than 120 and could have reported 247, but I am thinking there is a lot of maybes strung together here. I'd be on the edge of beleiveing if they had done this with a DX4 chip. They didn't mention disabling the cache, which I can see mounted on the board in the Pics, and I am pretty sure that would have been necessary to exceed a bus speed of 60Mhz reliably.

I have tried clock multiplying straight DX and SX chips with no success, though I am aware that later versions based on later dies may have been different.

My own 486 overclocks, cooled with pent sized cooling fans, for the record are...
Intel 486sx33 oc 60Mhz stable/usable 50Mhz
Intel 486dx50 oc 66Mhz stable/usable 60Mhz (limited by board?)
Cyrix Cx5x86-100 oc 2x66=133Mhz stable/usable 2x60=120
UMC U5 sx 33, oc 66Mhz, this one will go further I am sure, the boards I have won't start at 75Mhz, it is pretty cool still up to 50Mhz it can be touched without a heatsink or fan on then, but will get overheated plaking duke nukem, after that it needs cooling, it has amazing performance, I think it has a pent based architecture. It is equivalent to a Dx4-100 at 50Mhz!!

The cyrix doesn't like 3x50 :-( Is running almost as good as a 6x86-120 as it is tho'!

The stable/usable speeds there are the speeds I can use if I install the mobo/cpu in a case instead of having it in the open air, and which don't require continual attention.

I also have far more luck on these overclocked boards with VLB graphics cards, the bus speed is locked to the system bus speed so the graphics board has to cope with 66 Mhz, and my cl5428's do! 2d performance equivalent to P166 systems with a goodish 1mb PCI card. I haven't found a PCI card that likes more than 50Mhz yet.

Anyone got any 10,9,8,7 ns cache chips 8x32s?

Road Warrior
Thats like claiming they got an 80year old man to run a mile in less then 4 minutes NOT!!!


Have a good evening :)
One thing I have to ask: what about the moisture? This would not work because of it: A while back before the 1GHz chip came out they had a Athlon 700 (or close to) running at 1GHz and being cooled by a sophisticated setup of hoses and liquid nitrogen freezer (or something similar: as I said I read the article a while back).  Look at it this way: what do you think would happen if you dropped an ice cube into your computer? even if it did not melt it would be conductive causing a short.  

As to maximum overclocking, well.... can't really help you there.  My theory (based on an old article again) is that when cpu's are being manufactured, they are manufactured to take up to a particular speed and then based on tests they are labeled with a true running speed which is the one that they are sold as.

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oh and...
Harris Semiconductor 286-20 oc 33
AMD 386sx33 oc 50
AMD K6 266 oc 300, (think I could do 350-366 if i had SDRAM instead of EDO simms)
I always wanted to try and take a V30 XT up to 25Mhz or so :-) haven't found one yet.

Oh does GL quake run without an FPU????
They also appear to be using a rather old Western Digital video 7 ISA graphics card in the pictures, maybe it has the name Boca on it though if you look close, the 3dFX card they mention, doesn't seem to be in there. the board they using looks like an ISA or VLB model, no PCI slots to be seen Hmmmmmm, fishy....
I think it's a joke. The idea that a standard domestic freezer could cool anything down to -67 C is nonsense--you'd get the carbon dioxide in the air freezing out at that level! What somebody's done is taken an old, cheap PC core, left it in the freezer for a few hours to get the authentic frosting effect, and then taken some photos for a spoof web site.
Now this page was true comedy!  I thought it was hysterical and have already mailed the link to some friends who will appreciate the laugh.

You notice that the motherboard in the list of ingredients is either a PPro board or a super7, I can't really tell, but no 486 ever made came with 168pin memory slots.

And of all the pictures with the motherboard laying in the freezer, how heck did they ever get the door more than halfway shut with all the cables sticking out the back of those cards?

As kejtar points out, all those liquor bottles frozen cold with the freezer door open would dribble condensation ALL over the circuits...

Roadwarrior, yes, good luck on GLquake without an FPU!
that's great!!!!
I never thought of using an alcohol burning cooler!!!
How could I have overlooked it?

Wonder what the results would be like if we placed the system in a vat at Coors brewing............of course with the needed waterproofing!

And the best haircut is............
NO HAIRCUT AT ALL or if you must cut it, go to the Dennis Rodman Beauty School!!!

Something else that is worth the laugh is the name of their project.  Taken from "eunuch: castrated human male",5716,33814+1+33229,00.html .  

Did you guys view it correctly?  The instructions at the bottom of the page said:

Note: This page is best viewed using Ham Explorer 4.0 or better (if you can can have it) in a resolution of 8x6 folicals, blindfolded and facing away from the monitor. Preferably with clothes on and a member of the clergy present.

Yep, they're serious....
cyderpunkAuthor Commented:
Well, I thought you would enjoy the site !!!
As for reality, *I* think lager does make computers go faster, but... ;-)
Anyway, question closed, RoadWarrior gets the points as he blatently knows what he is talking about!
But, maybe, I should deduct a point for taking the post too seriously....!!!

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