My program demands comdlg32.ocx

Where do I find, download and how do I install comdlg32.ocx?

The full error message is:

"Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid"

I did a search on my hard drive for comdlg32.ocx and came out with no results so I assume that's the problem...

To earn the points, the error has to go away i.e. you have to tell me how to 'register' (as in error message) comdlg32.ocx.
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calacucciaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Grading to an answer...
Hi DannoNZ,

Do you have Visual Studio 6 or 5, or Visual Basic (on CD) ?

If yes, copy it from the CD to your Windows\System (or Windows\System32 if using NT).

If no, you have an application which uses the file and did not load it.

Try to download it from here:

and then place both in Windows\System\

It is not enougth only to copy this file, you need also to register it. Use
   regsvr32 %path%\comdlg32.ocx
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DannoNZAuthor Commented:
That worked, Calcuccia, but before I give you the points do you think you can find me msdxm.ocx for an extra 75 points?

I was suggested to install DirectX7 as I was told that contained it, but that didn't hold true...

I'll give you the 175 for what you've done so far, but an extra 75 if you can do this too :-)
Hi DannonZ,

It's a Windows Media Player ActiveX control OCX and comes with WMPlayer.

I've got a copy here for Win98, but I think you could also download it from here:
(For complete Windows Media Player)

or just the VB Components at:

As Zacher explained, you'll have to register it also, I believe the link for the VBComponents (with the executable VBRun60sp3.exe will take care of the registering part though).

Good Luck
DannoNZAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points from 175 to 250
Thanks, DannoNZ.
DannoNZAuthor Commented:

Regarding comdlg32.ocx:

If you get the error about this when you try to run something, it may simply be missing altogether, as mine was.

I downloaded one, put it in the system32 folder and re-started. Then the app ran. I didn't have to mess with the registry at all (fortunately!)
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