How do I setup a sound blaster 16 and CD-Rom?

Posted on 2000-05-01
Last Modified: 2013-11-09
Computer 486DX4, DOS 6.22, Windows 3.1, Soundblaster 16 card is by Creative Technologies(CT 2230). CD Rom is a Sony CDU33A-C3(it has the name Creative MPC2 on the front opening and I think its a 2X.)Do both items need a driver? or just one? I have tried the drivers from the Sony and Creative Technology sites but my CD-Rom is never recognized during boot ups or when I put a disk inside. It used to be letter :E but I cant get that from dos either. The sony CD-Rom power light is on, but during startup I get the same ole cant find the CD-Rom.I have checked the ribbon cable to the soundcard, the power cable, and another 4 pin little cable that connects the card and the CD-Rom. I had this CD working fine until I corrupted the files, formatted, and sad to say I dont have the original disk drivers for the soundcard and CD Rom. This computer has two hard drives (C:, D:), D being bigger of the two. Please help, I have tried and need your expertise. Thanks- CoolFellow
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You need at least three drivers to get all this hardware working. The soundcard needs a driver under Windows. The CD-ROM drivers need to be set up in DOS, and there are two of them: whatever driver the CD-ROM interface you've got uses, which will be a DEVICE= line in CONFIG.SYS, and MSCDEX.EXE, which is loaded in AUTOEXEC.BAT. Make sure all three are present.
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look at the index file and see if any of these SB files will help:
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As stated by oldgreyguy the SB drivers are available from

The CD rom drivers

However the Sony drivers are for Sony drivers that only use the Sony interface card so can't guarantee.  You could try the generic Creative sbide drivers cause I couldn't find the Sony drivers listed at Creative.

Also check cable connected right way.

Post your config.sys and autoexec.bat files here.
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Author Comment

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Thanks for the professional advise. I got the soundblaster 16 working with a generic sb16 driver. CDROM errors still display during bootup: THE DEVICE DRIVER IS NOT INSTALLED. DEVICE DRIVER NOT FOUND: 'SONY_000'. NO VALID CDROM DEVICE DRIVERS SELECTED. Here is my Autoexec.bat on the next line:
SETBLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6
Here is my config.sys/////////////////
follows HIGHSCAN same line (I=B000-B7FF)
follows /M:P same line (/V /C)
I checked the ribbon cable, it only runs the soundblaster 1 way. I plugged it in upside down and the card didnt sound with windows Ta Da during a fresh boot. You all have been helpful, hope we can get this CD working and please let me know how I can distribute my points in all fairness. Thankyou., CoolFellow
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The offending line is probably


in the CONFIG.SYS file. There are three possibilities here: either the SLCD.SYS file isn't where it says it is, the driver can't load because it's the wrong one for the hardware, or the driver can't load because of a hardware fault. I'd try the first one to start with--whereabouts on your system is the SLCD.SYS file?

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The SLCD.SYS is located in the DOS directory. I believe this is the DOS driver.
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ID: 2768711
There's your problem, then: the line


will look for the file in the root directory. Change this to


and leave the rest of the line as it is. See if that works!

Author Comment

ID: 2769078
In reply to pjknibbs: I changed the  config.sys to read DEVICE=\DOS\SLCD.SYS
and the rest of the line but there was no change. Should I reload the drivers? Mabey it is a hardware discrepancy and not a software error. There is a 4 pin cable and ribbon cable connecting the soundcard and CDROM. They feel firmly attached. Thankyou pjknibbs for your help. Thankyou oldgreyguy and dbrunton for your driver links and assistance. I was up all night trying to get this squared away. Tired, hungry and frustrated....... CoolFellow  :)  
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That 4-pin cable is just an audio passthrough so audio CDs can be played through the soundcard. There should also be a much bigger ribbon cable connecting the CD-ROM to a data interface--do you have such a thing attached?
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 2770398
The problem may be the parameter /B:340

There are other alternatives to this one but I need to check my Sony documentation on this one.  May be a couple of days before I reply.

Are the device errors for the CDROM coming from the CONFIG.SYS file or the AUTOEXEC.BAT file or both?

Author Comment

ID: 2772351
Changed parameter/B:340 which suggested might be problem from dbrunton and changed it to /B:230 as per set of Sony instructions from a bulletin board on CDROM discrepancies. Provided for a fresh boot and CDROM has sprang to life! HOORAY! I appreciate everyones assistance. Let me know how I should distribute my points as I don't wish to short change anyone and I want to continue to do business with you all. Thanks again...CoolFellow.  
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We'll be here when you are done, and if you have any more problems.
Don't forget to distribute your points.
You can use the accept comment as answer, button, or you can put in a request to
to disribute the points in a manner you think is proper.

Author Comment

ID: 2785537
Great job. Thanks for the assistance. Your professional approach to the problem and expertise in solving the problem is greatly appreciated. /B:340 was at fault and is now corrected. Thankyou to all who provided assistance. I am amazed at the level of experience by all who helped me with this problem.  Thanks, CoolFellow.

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