Exchange Server - Public Folder.

I have a public folder in exchange recives e-mail..I want an automatic reply to the sender whenever he sent an e-mail to that Public folder saying some message ...can anybody help  me pls
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mmanning98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The way to add an auto reply to a public folder is as follows.
First, you have to log onto Exchange (through Outlook) with an administrative account.
Dig your way through the public folders until you find the folder you want. Right click on the folder and select properties.
On the properties page select the Administration tab, then click the folder assistant button and add a rule. If you leave the From and Sent to fields blank if will fire the reply to all incoming messages.
mel7_71Author Commented:
thank U so much...
I Follow this procedure, but the reply only works for internal messages. Messages coming from Internet dont
receive this reply.
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