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Can't install Raodrunner

I am having trouble installing the Time Warner “Roadrunner” Internet connection.  My computer is a bit ancient, 6 years old.  The base machine is a Gateway P5-60, Intel Pentium 60Mh processor.  I have upgraded the processor ~ 3 years ago when Intel had a promotion to a “overdrive” 120Mh processor.  The original machine had 8MB of RAM, which I increased 4 years to 24MB.  The original ‘C’ hard drive is a whopping 0.5G capacity, which I augmented 4 years ago with an additional 1.6G drive.

Roadrunner minimum system requirements per Time Warner are 32MB RAM and 75Mh-processor speed.  Recommended system is 64MB RAM and 166Mh processor, if you have an Intel chip.

When I first installed the NIC, its software and the cable modem, I had difficulty re-booting the machine; it will either not complete the boot-up process or else it would “freeze” after completing the boot-up.  Checking the minimum system requirements for Roadrunner, I noted that I had less memory on my machine than the minimum system requirements, so I increased the RAM to 48MB.  This had no effect on the problem; the machine still has difficulty booting up and freezes very shortly after completing the boot-up if it is successful.

Also, the ‘C’ drive with the operating system on it is almost maxed out.  I cleaned up some space on it to install the Roadrunner software, but still only have about 40MB of free space.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
1 Solution
Time to move to a new box.

Since you're not meeting the minimum machine spec's it's unreasonable to assume that you can "work around" this issue.  40Mb is not enough free disk to do much of anything. The windows swap space will eat that up.

Break down and get a machine with 64Mb of RAM and several GB of HD. They're cheap enough these days and you're going to avoid all of these issues.

Remember the old saw: "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"...

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
First, get a new machine... P5-60 is ancient in computer terms, especially when you can get systems that are ostensibly 15 times faster.

That said, and while I have no experience with Time Warner's cable modem service, I do have a cable modem and can tell you that the minimums they "require" are for installing web browsers and to "encourage" you to have a decent machine so you see the internet speed increase and not call them complaining about it.  Because with the cable modem, you'll find that the bottleneck is no longer (generally speaking) your internet connection, especially for Java based web sites and related things.

Cable modems (generally) are merely giving you a DHCP address.  ANY network based on TCP/IP can (and usually does) do this.  Your problem is most likely with the network card.  I would suggest getting a different one - they can cost anywhere from $15-$100 - I recommend 3COM or Intel.  
You do not mention what OS you are running. I am assuming win95.
So here are my suggstions.

1) Check the autoexec and confi.sys - remove all unneeded- old lines. Leave antivirus, and set commands, and maybe a sundblaster init command.

2) Upgrade your BIOS if possible to the latest you can find.

3) Download the Startup COP a free pcmag utility from

 Run it and it will show you everything that is listed in all the possible startup
places, and allow you to disable things one at a time until the problem is eliminated.
 A lot of probelms are caused by excess old baggage - programs that have not been properly un-installed. Startup Cop will help eliminate leftovers and un-wanted programs that you no longer want.

With that old CPU, I would go to at least 64 MB RAM if possible, make sure that your cache RAM will support that much, older pentiums had problems.
Go thru your BIOS settings and visit.

Check that you have the latest drivers for all of your other hardware.

Move the swap file to your 2nd Hard drive. This setting is under the My computer properties- performance - virtual memory button.
Clean up the C: drive, delte any *.avi files in the windows\help dir, any excess *.wav files, temp files etc.

try to uninstall and re-install.
Good Luck !

I hope this helps.
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I had this same problem...

Try to release and renew your IP address. To do this, click Start, Run, and Type ipconfig. Now click release and then click renew. It may take awhile on your slower system, so give it time. Then reboot.

You may also try removing your network adapter from your device manager, rebooting and letting the computer install it again.

Also try unscrewing the connection from the wall to your Road Runner box. Wait until all the lights stop blinking and return the connection. Make sure both connections are secure.

Let me know how it goes...
As a matter of interest, I would like to mention, that the specs that roadrunner lists are for their software used to manage your account (i.e.: add more users and so on....).
I currently have roadrunner, and I am working on a test box for myself, that would act as a proxy (be between my internal network and RoadRunner).  The computer is p100 with 16mb of ram: it connects without any problems.  The only problem (or limitation) is that it is slow for surfing (I use faster machines for most part)....  
The causes for freeze up on reboot are either the RoadRunner software conflict, or problems with the Network card.

Getting a new machine is one solution, or possibly a little work to solve the problem.  
Try if you can, to get the machine to the point, where it boots up without errors....
For time being, lets suppose that your network card installs without error (no conflicts and so on)... so forget the RR software and try this:
1.  After installing network card, in Control panel double click network icon.  You should have TCP/IP protocol, if not add it.  
2.  After adding the protocol choose it's properties, click IP Address tab and then make sure it is set to obtain an IP address automatically.  Choose WINS config tab, and select disable.  Choose Gateway tab and make sure there is none listed.  CHoose DNS config tab and make sure that disable DNS is checked off...
3. Reboot, and you should be on your way.
Post with questions.

I'm confused here.....
I'm not aware of any SW that is neccessary to connect to RoadRunner. I have RR in the TampaBay area, and when I want to chagne my account settings I just to to http://ams-server. There used to be a login app, but that was discontinued about 6 months ago. The only requirement that I'm aware of is using DHCP. If you have your NIC congifured to draw an address from the DHCP server there shouldn't he a problem.

As for problems starting the PC after the NIC is installed, try different NICs. One of the many systems I have connected to RR has an old Intel ISA 10BaseT/AUI combo NIC in a 486sx 20MHz system with 8MBs of RAM. Your system hardware has nothing to do with RR. You aren't going to be able to surf very fast if you have a crappy computer... but you should at least get connected.

Just my $0.02...


dburton050598Author Commented:
Great response!
Right to the point of the problem!
If you can try install in a different slot (it can an IRQ problem).  NICs need a dedicated IRQ.  Then follow what SysExpert to free up some resources.
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