Dropped packets, slow ethernet, new kernel.

I just recently upgraded my kernel from 2.2.13 to 2.3.99.  As a result of the upgrade, I had to install IPFilter and libpcap.  This particular machine has been serving as a masquerade gateway for a small network for a while now, with a caching DNS server, using ipchains, etc.

Now that I've upgraded my kernel, my network barely works.  Dialing up to my ISP and using internet programs on the server works like a charm.  Low to zero error rates, good transfer rates, everything is great.

I don't know if the cause is the new kernel or one of the other programs I installed, because I installed all of that stuff all at the same time.

My LAN is a different story.  None of my standard services really work.  I can't use FTP.  Telnet sometimes works after many attempts, and when it does, I have to wait a long time to get a login: prompt.
Ping seems to drop the first 20-30 packets, then I receive duplicates and a whole slough of "1.5 ms" responses with a few "1003.4 ms" responses thrown in.

I have an Intel EtherExpress Pro 100 adapter, and I'm using the eepro100 driver.  I have tried it both as a module and compiled in, and that makes no difference.

I don't know enough about ARP to know if this is useful information or not, but if I keep an eye on "arp -n" while I'm trying to ping, under "HW Address" it keeps saying "unresolved address" while it's dropping packets, and then the proper hardware address appears after 20-30 packets have been sent out, and I start getting responses.

I've been eyeballing the logs, but outside of the network programs I'm using timing out, I don't see anything unusual.

I wish I knew more about this so I knew what information I should provide.  If anyone could even help me find out where to look, I would really appreciate it.
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, that is a develpomental kernel and may not be fully functional in all respects. To try to figure out where the problem is, I'd suggest that you "shut down" the IPMasq & filter fuctions and see if the box will work as a ordinary network node on your local lan. If you still have network problems when none of the gateway stuff is running, then it becomes more likely that it's the kernel itself and a downgrade to a production kernel, say 2.2.14, would be needed.
Android050100Author Commented:
Thanks, you were right.  It turns out to be the driver for my NIC.  I downgraded to 2.3.9 and everything works great.  I guess I just have to be more patient!

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