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Samba on SunOS

I want get my files on SunOS from my pc in winNT .
how can I share my files in sunos and cant i get files from winnt?
1 Solution
Well you need Samba, which you can download from You'll need to compile, install, and configure it, which isn't that much of a job. Once running, Samab will allow you to access your SunOS data from the Windows system across network shares.
   Do you really type those or just some typos :-)
The URL you give ends up at some environmental sites.  Anyway, correction to the URL, it's

And yes, you need to recompile.  Unless you are running SunOS 5.X (aka Solarix 2.X) then check out  they might have a preinstalled binaries available.


and yes, they have precompiled binaries,

Check against your SunOS version, and download accordingly.

If you are still stuck with SunOS, I bet it will be SunOS 4.1.3

and get some initial installation instruction

good luck.
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Yes, it was a typo, I meant
unixway52Commented: is another good place to
get samba and more in a pkg format.
samba is THE way to do this.  It is available in pre-compiled version for several variants of Solaris form the link  The sunfreeware has version 2.0.5 but I know and have used samba 2.0.6.  The readme files and man pages are very clear (maybe verbose), I recommend you read them all.  Advice is the not get bogged down in all the fine points but start with the default config for samba.  There is a browser based configuration utility called SWAT which comes with samba and is a very easy way to configure samba, especially for beginners.

samba implements SMB file/print sharing protocol on Solaris.  SMB is Microsoft's default file/print sharing protocol used in Windows (at least prior to NT2000).  It makes you Solaris box look like a Windows server, only without the client licensing fees that you would legally need to purchase if using a real Windows NT server.  It works very well from the client side (windows) but the command line implement for Solaris to get files off Windows is a bit combersume.

samba is freely available under the OSF licensing.
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