forgetting window pos. and size

Since a few days my Win98 doesn't remember size and position of the folder windows on the desktop.
I open a folder, move it or change size.
Then I close it.
Now when re-opening, it has same size and position as before.

Is this a bug or a feature ?
How to fix it ?
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aib01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, I didn't give you very clear instructions.

First, open Veiw, Folder Options and uncheck "Remember each folder's view options." Click on OK or Apply. Then open Tweakui, select the Explorer tab. Uncheck the "Save window settings" and click on OK or Apply.

Set up the windows folder the way you want them, return to Tweakui, and check the "Save window settings" and click on OK or Apply. Also, , open Veiw, Folder Options and check "Remember each folder's view options." Click on OK or Apply.

I hope this helps.
Go to Explorer, View, Folder Options. In the View Tab, there is an option Remember each folder's view options. Check this box. When you close, the next time you open it it should stay the same.

Another method is to install Tweekui from you Win98 disk. It is in the tools\powertoys directory on the CD. In the Explorer tab, you can set up the folder as you like it and check Save Windows settings. If you have Win 98 SE, you will have to find an original CD or search the Microsoft site.

Good luck.
If you're talking just the desktop then right-click on the desktop, choose arrange icons and uncheck Auto Arrange.

Open regedit to:

"NoSaveSettings"=dword:01 00 00 00
change it to
"NoSaveSettings"=dword:00 00 00 00

PacmanAuthor Commented:

option "Remember each folder's view" is already set. I also have TweakUI and cannot find a switch which helps me.


I have no problems with the icons. The folder WINDOWS are the problem. I tried you registry hack but didn't help.
PacmanAuthor Commented:
It works !
my folders are ok now.

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