Question for you GURU's -- Strings and if construct!!!-thanxs

OK I have another quest:
                      now what if when i run this command thru my script
                      and what gets stored in my variable $label are the following below


                      all gotten from doing this
                      foreach $label (@RCs[$n])

                      { $label = `idlcall $NROID get_all '"Rcl" 100'; }
                      now i want to do a check.
                      I want to see if the match a certain criteria and i want to see i wach label has the following attahed to it: igb.appls.slrc-object

                      and if it does do something and if it does not report error to the user,,,
                      how do i go abt writing the if construct..

                      pls i need help ASAP... thanks...
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maneshrConnect With a Mentor Commented:

what i am doing is looking in the $label variable and if i get a label that ends with igb.appls.slrc-object i say all is OK.

if not i print Error.

Here is the code snippet. Add this after $label = `idlcall $NROID get_all '"Rcl" 100';

if ($label=~ /^(.*)igb\.appls\.slrc-object$/){
  print "OK!!\n";
  print "Error\n";
CODERAuthor Commented:
#retrieving the label and OID for each Remote Control Entry
foreach $label_and_OID (@RCs[$n])  
   $label= `idlcall $NROID get_all '"Rcl" 100'`;

now can i stick your above code in my foreach loop or outside the loop

thanks....  i am thinking outside but i DONT WANT TO LOOSE ANY VALUES in the $Label.
what do u think? thanks...
there you go. now that should work.

the if statement that i have provided, uses $label in a READ-ONLY context. Therefore you will NOT loose anything from $label.

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did you try the code??

did it work for you??

let me know. :-)
CODERAuthor Commented:
yes it worked thanks...
were you looking for specific solution??

wasnt the solution i provided up to your expectations??

let me know.
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