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Could anyone give an example of a good subroutine for splitting a long string (line) into predefined length several lines without breaking the words inside the original line of text?

Say the input would be $longline with the length of 1000 chars
the output could be an array of @shortlines with each element is a line of no more than 60 chars and there should be no words broken.

Thank You.
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sstoukAuthor Commented:
I need it for the site that I developed:
try this...

Text::Wrap is line wrapping module used to form simple paragraphs.

wrap() is a very simple paragraph formatter.  It  formats a single paragraph at a time by breaking lines at word boundries.

you can change the column variable to the value to want to break at.

========my wrap.pl

use Text::Wrap;
$columns = 60;
use Text::Wrap qw(wrap $columns);

$text="Monitor your portfolio, or select a watch list of securities and get per
formance charts, research and Dow Jones News related to your holdings. Go to: A
ccount Summary, Portfolio Summary, Positions, Activities, Account Download, Wat
ch List, Trade.";
print wrap("","", $text);

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sstoukAuthor Commented:
I need it for the site that I developed:
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Office 2010

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Aha!! MCSE braindumps are my favourite too!!
sstoukAuthor Commented:
This function does exactly what I need. Even more. I can assign the second parameter in the Wrap function as the separator "<BR>" and it can be nicely wrapped for displaying on the Web.

Thanks alot!
most welcome, sir :)
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