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Multiplayer in NFS: High Stakes

My computer has both an ethernet NIC for a LAN and a dial-up modem for internet, with TCP/IP running on both.  NFS:HS cannot see that there are two of them, and always defaults to the LAN.  I want to be able to play using TCP/IP without having to remove the protocol from the NIC and reboot, and then re-install it after I'm finished every time I play over the internet.  I've looked over all the settings, and can't find anything where I can change what adapter it uses.
1 Solution
try this :

- install IPX
- reinstall direct x latest version (because direct Play needs IPX)

this way you don't have to remove your TCP/IP
NFS4 is a direct x game so this should work for Lan.
jlampreyAuthor Commented:
I already have IPX installed.  The problem is when I try to run a game using TCP/IP over the internet, it tries to use the TCP/IP that is bound to my network adapter (and I need TCP/IP on it - I can't permanently remove it), instead of the one on the dial-up adapter.
I don't have NFSHS installed right now... But isn't there a different option for Lan/Internet games?

Or at least a way of entering an IP directly?

This is a longshot, but there might be support on Gamespy for NFS... Just a thought.

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jlampreyAuthor Commented:
I haven't been able to find any way to tell NFS to switch between LAN and internet.  Also, entering an IP directly doesn't work, because of the original problem - it tries to find it on the LAN, and not the Internet, and never switches over.
Dear jlamprey,
In order to play with a TCP/IP, click on "network neighborhood" with the right mouse bottun. click on the tcp/ip of the ethernet card and choose properties.
mark the option "specify and ip adress"
and write an ip adress(it is recomended that the ip adress won't have problems with the internet) like and the subnet mask write

Do the same thing to the other computer but the IP adress must be deferent (choose

Now run NFS4 on both computers, choose "connect players", then "network(tcp)".
on one computer choose "host" and click on "peer to peer" and "controller update", and start.

on the second computer choose "join". then it will ans you for the ip adress. It is important that you inserting the ip adress of the other computer which you set as host.

you are now can play with LAN.

jlampreyAuthor Commented:
I can play on the LAN fine.  The problem is playing on the TCP/IP that's attached to the Dial-up adapter - over the internet.
I didn'tunderstand you the first time, but i thing I do now. You want to play with another computer using the internet.
So, in order do to that you have to know that is your IP adress on the internet and what is the IP adress of the other computer you wanna play with.
In order to do so, click on "start", then "run" and write "winipcfg". You should see your IP adress. (it is improtant that you also knows that is the ip adress of the other computer).
Now do as I explained in my previous answer( create a host and then join with the other computer by ip adress).
You don't have to choose whether you are using a Lan or a modem.
For a game of 2 players only in the internet choose peer-to-peer and positional update.

It should work
jlampreyAuthor Commented:
No, the whole point is that it doesn't - it *never* uses the internet connection unless I completely turn off the LAN.  And using the direct-IP method you described is how I've been trying to do it anyway - it works, but only if the LAN is turned off.  I'm trying to find a way to not have to go through the whole hassle of turning it off to play, then turning it back on 10 minutes later.
Hey jlamprey, it is me again.
I may habe a solutions for you.
1) You can make a dule booting (a menu when you start your computer that has the options of loading and on loading the ethernet card).

2) Install the IPX, TCP/IP and NETBEUI protocols, and then unistall your TCP/IP protocol of your LAN.
In that case you will still have a LAN comunication, the the only tcp/ip that will operate will be of the dial up adapter, so NFS won't look for the ip adress using the LAN.
jlampreyAuthor Commented:
Answer accepted
jlampreyAuthor Commented:
Okay, that worked.  Better than constantly redoing the setup, as EA seems to have made no provision for multiple instances of TCP/IP.
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