I have downloaded win95 bootdisk
but my computer keeps stating invalid
system disk how do I get around this
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mwhitworthConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Before you copy the files from a pre-made 'bootdisk' onto your floppy, first make sure to format it with the proper system files.


Format A: /s

This will copy the files needed to boot with.  If you need commands such as FORMAT or FDISK, you will need to copy them from your harddrive (in 95 & 98 they are in C:\Windows\Command) to the floppy or go get a pre compiled collection from the aforementioned address
Try downloading a new one from here:
I don't understand your question.

Did you make a bootdisk by downloading a self-extracting program to creat e a disk?

Does your BIOS/CMOS setup have an option to boot from a floppy diskette?
You could also try putting a disk in a: and then open My Computer click Control Panel click add/remove programs click startup disk tab and click create disk.
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