Struggling to make an exe

When i try to create an exe file for a cirtain program, all VB allows me to create is a normal file? (not an application file)

Then if i try to create an exe file for a different program i don't have a problem!

The program in question is running without any errors.

Any thoughts?
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mark2150Connect With a Mentor Commented:
When you specified the file name for the .exe file did you happen to put a . at the end of the name?

You should have:


and not


This would cause the IDE to assume *no* extension for this particular program. You can manually change the name to MyProg or MyProg.Exe and then when you save the project it it should remember.

How are you creating the .EXE? You should be just clicking File/Make ... What error are you getting? What do you mean by a "normal" file?

little2doAuthor Commented:
When i go File/make..., instead of it saying 'Make Project1.exe...' it
just says 'Make Project1...

And If i 'Make project1...' the file that is made, its 'Type' is = File
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little2doAuthor Commented:
thanks for your quick responses,
No there is no . after project1

I have got it to make an exe file now.
What i did was go to the prject's properties and change project from a standard exe to an active x project. After this change then the option of making an exe was there again as it should be, i then changed the projects properties back to standard exe and in 'file' the option was make project1.exe...?????

Thanks for you help you can have the points anyway


You should rename your project something other than PROJECT1...

little2doAuthor Commented:
Its not Project1 but thanks anyway.
If you rename the file you get to file.exe does it run???

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