copy files from one domain to another domain

What If the I'm on two different domains(Access) and I want to copy one file from a machine in one domain to another machine in another domain. How would I create a batch file, what commands?

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Tim HolmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the destination share has access to the everyone group, as long as your current domain account is not explicitly denied, you could just drag and drop the file.
Otherwise, you NEED an account on the destination domain.
The net use commands cbo's specified will only work if you do it like this :

net use {drive} \\server\resource /user:domain\username password

You need to be a little more detailed.  Do you already have trust relationships set up?  Are you trying to do this as part of a login script?  A little more information is required.
7of9121098Author Commented:
Pschawan, this is no login script, All I want to do is create a batch file that copies one file from one domain(Machine1) to another domain (Machinee2). What do you mean by trust relationships? I'm able to browse the two domains in the Microsoft Network Neighbor hood. I would like to see the syntax with an example. Thanks.
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I'm guessing, based on the description you just gave, that you don't have domains set up here.  I'm assuming you mean two different machines when you say "domains".

Try the following in the batch file:

net use T: \\Machine2\[share]
copy [file] t:
net use t: /delete

In this example, [share] represents the name of a shared directory created on the second machine and [file] is the name of the file you want to copy there.  This will map a drive, copy the file, and then delete the mapping.  Let me know if you are unsure how to share directories.

If I'm incorrect and you actually have two domain controllers set up with two different domains, or if you want more info, go to the command prompt and type NET USE /?

copy \\machine1\share\file \\machine2\share\file

There is a lot other way transfer files, email, FTP etc.
Depends how big is the file, how regular it need to be transfer.
And if your actuall account have no access to the domains:

net use T: \\M1\S1 P1 /user:U1
net use U: \\M2\S2 P2 /user:U2
copy T:\file U:
net use T: /delete
net use U: /delete

Mx   Machine 1-2
Sx   Share 1-2
P1   Password 1-2
U1   Username 1-2

bye cbo

Px   Password 1-2
Ux   Username 1-2

7of9121098Author Commented:
Thanks got it guys
Hi Tim_Holman,I think the password is on wrong place...
Tim HolmanCommented:
Ooops !
My mistake - either way works, but you do need to specify the domain in order to connect to another domain's resources with which your domain does not have a trust relationship.
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