DTPicker date stored as variable

I want to store the formatted date as a string variable to use in other places.  I have tried the following code:

Dim Letter_Date As String
Letter_Date = Form1.DTPicker1.Value

But the variable Letter_Date comes back as 05/05/00, but I want it to be May 5, 2000.

The control is displaying the date in the correct format, so my question is how do you store the displayed (formatted) date as a variable?

Thank you,

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AnswerTheManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dim X As Date
    X = DTPicker1.Value
    MsgBox FormatDateTime(X, vbLongDate)
Doubleclick on the DateTimePicker control.

Set the type to:

3 - dtpCustom

In the CustomFormat field, set to:

MMM d, yyyy

Or, if you want two digit days:

MMM dd, yyyy
I mean, right-click then Properties.
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mhewesAuthor Commented:
This has already been done.  I stated in the question that DTPicker is displaying the correct format.  What I want to do is to store the formatted date to a string variable so that I can insert the date into other text.


Dim X As String
X = FormatDateTime(DTPicker1.Value, vbLongDate)
MsgBox X
mhewesAuthor Commented:
Thanks AnswerMan, that was too easy for you!

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