Video VS. Graphic card?

Is there a difference between a Video Card and a Graphic Adapter?

And if I want to have dual-monitor on one PC I've heard that you should have two same adapters for best results and less glitches, so if I buy a $200 Voodoo Video Card that means that I have to buy two of them which is another $200. Is this right?
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Video Card and Graphics Adaptor are one in the same. They're just different names for the same thing.

Perhaps it's true that a pair of identical cards usually work better for a dual-display system, but I've never messed with it. I'd have to imagine that your best results for the secondary display will be achieved by using a card that's natively supported by Windows, instead of requiring mfgrs. drivers.
I agree that in computer jargon that video Card and Graphics Adapter are one and the same.

If you were in a video workshop it may be different though.

There is video/graphic adapter that is avaiable that actually has 2 monitor outputs. This is produced by Matrox and it is known as a G400 "dual head".

It will allow you the option of either using 2 computer monitors or a monitor and a TV/video screen.

The advantage of this is that it just simply works. Whether win98/NT will behave or not with 2 video cards is taken out of the equation.

Install 1 card and tell its software to either use 1 or 2 outputs.

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I agree with netmage that the Matrox G400 dual head is the best route to go for two displays.  A friend of mine has one and it is very nice!  Other schemes depend mightily upon Win98's willingness to tolerate two cards.  Only certain cards/video chipsets will work anyway and I don't have the 'OK' list.

The dual head version of the G400 only comes in AGP.  Get the 32mb version instead of the 16MB one if you want the best performance.  It will be better and more reliable than any of the two card schemes.
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kiko1234: I'd have to go with what the others are saying. Using multiple video cards, although theoretically possible under Windows 98 and Windows 2000, is highly dependent on the cards you're using and also their driver revision. I *once* managed to get multiple monitors working (using a Voodoo Rush card and a clanky old S3 Trio, if memory serves), but later installed a new version of the Voodoo drivers which promptly stopped the second card working! If you absolutely *must* have two monitors, and your prime need for your computer isn't playing games, the G400 dual-head is the best approach.
..and of cource you save a slot, AND you get all sorts of nifty features since it is all "integrated" (like desktop zoom, DVD zoom etc etc etc).
kiko1234Author Commented:
OK guys, I see you all agree on one thing, Matrox card is the best option. But how good of an adapter is this. I mean is it equivalent to a type of Voodoo or ATI card? Is it good for game playing?


The GeForce DDR is a better gamecard, but try getting it to run in a dual config and see how much fun that is.
Regarding the Matrox G400 ( get the max version if you want a better edge for gaming)and 3D games.

At arround last Xmas and at the time when the GeForce cards were still coming to terms with the fact that a working software driver is a good idea, the G400 max would have been about the best card to get for games but as usual technology moves on so i could just point you to a whole list of new technology ie: Radeon.

It really is more than just 2 video cards.
The OS you choose and other hardware like what motherboard become critical when mixing.

Even the G400 has problems with certain AMD Athlon combinations. This sort of thing can happen on any hardware combination. Technology move faster than compatibility lists so its always a catchup game.

 But, if you want something that just works for dual monitors and can do a decent job with games just get the G400 max.

pjknibbs has made a comment in being able to get a dual card setup to work.
I have been able to get this to work also but its only ever been while using 2 PCI video cards. I've had poor success at mixing an AGP and PCI combination.
Kiko, the G400 is at least as good if not better than anything ATI is making.  It may or may not be as good as the latest Voodoo, but that is because the Voodoos are specifically for playing games while the G400 is made to be pretty good at everything.

My friend who has a G400 dual plays Homeworldand Quake 3 at 1024x768 on a P2-233 and it is not quite but almost as smooth as my P2-333 with a TNT-2 Ultra at that resolution.  Does that gives you an idea of how good the G400 is?
kiko1234Author Commented:
Guys, you all helped a lot, and if I knew how to split points I would have done it. Thank you all :)
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