Form processed when pressing Enter

I have some forms with just one editable field. The form is processed  if you
 hit 'enter.' (form processed).

I need the user press the ok button to submit the form. How avoid to process the form just pressing enter in the editable field? If two or more editable field are defined in the form nothing happens, but I can't show more editable fields and the type=hidden fields don't work.

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Try this:

1. Add a hidden editable field called "Flag" to the form with the following Input Validation Formula:

@If(Flag="";@Failure("You must click the Submit button to save");@Success)

Then change the formula in the Submit button to the following:

Field Flag:="OK";
Field Status:="Saved";
Do you have an OK button AND a SUBMIT button?  Is your OK button an action button or a button on the form?
perevicenteAuthor Commented:
I just have one OK button an it is an action button
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When you press enter the browser is looking for the first button on the form.  Since there isn't one (other than the action button) it does a regular old SUBMIT.  If you put your OK button on the form instead of using the action button it should work.
perevicenteAuthor Commented:
My form is full of buttons (html and action). I'm hidding or showing some fields,data and buttons denpending on the sequence I'm in the workfolw (the form is never saved).

The last step of the action shows a editable field (password field) and two buttons: OK and cancel. The first one is an html button and the other one is anaction button.

The OK one lunck a onclik event.

the form has no onsubmit event.

When I try what you say (I define a button before the OK button) the form is still submited.
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If your using R5 then you can specify the onSubmit Event to be

return Never()

and the JSHeader to be

function Never()
alert('You must press the OK button to submit this data');
return false;

That way when the form is submitted via a SUBMIT Button or by the user pressing enter in an editable field the form will do nothing... I assume that your OK button is of type BUTTON not of type SUBMIT..

You can do the same in R4 but its a lot more fiddly...

perevicenteAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I think  I can manage it
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