Dynamically replacing content in a cell

I have a table with 2 cells. Cell #1 contains hyperlinks only and Cell #2 contains information about a schedule. The schedule changes every other day or needs to be updated each day. Can I set up a cell content file (file contains headline, detailed info and possibly a picture in HTML format) so that I dont have to update the web page every time the schedule changes, instead, the web page gets the content file from a designated directory and pastes onto the table cell just like a function or procedure call???
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I do not know what the real difference between updating a separate file or updating the html file itself.  The main reason I have encountered for this is when someone other than yourself will be maintaining the data.

That being said, a simple file include would let you do most of this, later that include file can be updated to pull the data from a database instead.

However, what you want to include will involve html programming in SOME FILE since you want to have links and possibly pictures.

To use an include file use the following syntax, placed in myfile.htm where you wish the info to be inserted:
<!--#INCLUDE virtual="path/to/myincludefile.inc" -->

Let us all know here the full scenario, maybe there is a really simple solution if we had the whole deal.

I'm not gonna bother to try to make such a thing, but I do have some tip for you. How about using a database for this, so that the page retrieves all the values out of the database itself.....it's WAY easier.

ppmbAuthor Commented:
how??? Any example???? Site with example, source code??? Pls let me know! Thanks!
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What can you use? ASP?
here is a page I'm working on for my site that creates cells with search results inside a static table.  I agree with CJ on this.


just leave the field blank and press the search button.

There isn't that must in the way of data in the database right now, but you can get an idea.

This example uses cgi, so I'm not going to bother puting up source code, if you can't use cgi, but you can get an example of how you should use tables and cells with your dynamic data.
The results page will look like just another web page, but it was in fact created dynamiclly, just enter a keyword, or keywords to see what I'm talking about, try searching for the word "c-guard" or "connection"  You will only get information on one product.
If you are not worring about cross-browser compatibility (not mentioned in the question) This looks pretty good:
<table border=2>
<td> here's dt 1</td>
<td> <iframe HEIGHT=300 WIDTH=500 src="http://www.microsoft.com" FRAMEBORDER=0></iframe>
Add SCROLLING=NO if you design the source file so it can be seen without scrolling.

Now you can update the contents of the SRC= page at any time and it will be visible immediately.

-- dan

ppmbAuthor Commented:
I tested the code provided by davlun20080 and DanRollins and found that the "#include" file fit in my web page the best. Not that Dan's code didnt work but the "#include file" works very nice on my web page. So I have to give credit to davlun20080.
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