NT working very slow

Is there anyone there that knows how to defrag a hard disk that's running in an NT workstation. Any other reasons why it might be running too slow?
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bantamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Diskkeeper Lite will Defragment a hard disk on Windows NT
you can download a copy at :-http://www.execsoft-europe.com/downloads/diskeeper/dkfree.htm
though israely is also correct, the more memory you have the faster it will be.

hope this helps

Do you have at least 64Meg of ram installed. If you have any less it will be slow.
further to my last post, do not try a defrag from a command box, i tried this when i first moved onto NT and screwed up my PC!
though have used diskkeeper with no problems.
Diskkeeper is only tool I am aware of, however, if you read about NT it does say that if you move the folder to say a tmp and then move it back that it fills the clusters up therefore defraging. Dave
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