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I have a Pentium111 450 with 96MgRAM and a nvidaTNT 16mg Graphics Card. I also have a AOpen x10 DVD Drive and a crappy sound card. I have no real problems watching DVD's execpt an occasional skip or two. I was wondering what is the best (cost effective) way to get better soumd quality e.g. surround sound. Please give detailed advice e.g postivites and negatives.

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FixingitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Diamond Monster Sound MX-400 PCI QUAD 3D [Dolby Digital] Sound card  matches up quite nicely with the Cambridge Fourpoint FPS-2000 Digital Surround Sound Speakers with Subwoofer.
not exactly sure what you want here---you obviously want or need to upgrade your sound card---if you are looking for recommendations i really like the soundblaster live card.  I bought the Value edition for $75 Cdn and have no complaints the sound is excellent and installation was problem free.  Creative's website provides excellent resouces for the cards it produces.
Something else to look for would be a card (live the SB Live digital) and speakers that both have optical jacks.

Try to find a card that will support the Dolby Audio from the movies.  Most sound cards that I have seen don't support this.

Zali041100Author Commented:
Fixingit what sort of $ are we talking?
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