Help! Linking a G3 and G4 (ethernet)

I am atempting to directly connect my G3 and my G4 using a ethernet cable between the two.  When changing the connect via ethernet in the appletalk control panel on the G3, i get an error alert saying that it had trouble connecting to the ethernet-built in and to check my connections.  Please help!
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You need to be using an Ethernet Crossover Cable and NOT just a plain old ethernet cable. Two very different things. A regular ethernet cable wont work without a hub but a crossover cable will connect directly between the two without the need for a hub. You can get a crossover cable from any computer store and it will only cost a few dollars.

If by chance you still get an error with a crossover cable you are most likely missing software components needed to drive the ethernet. This is a common problem. The easiest solution is to go back to your system disks and reinstall JUST the portions of your OS that deal with ethernet. Do a custom install. Do that for both machines to make sure you have all the necessary software installed. My bet is that a crossover cable is all you need.
stareightAuthor Commented:
I was not aware there was a diffrence in cables.  The cable I bought was a Rj45 Male/Male patch cable (ethernet/token ring)  the packaging also says "LAN".  I will go to best buy and look for a cross over cable.  If by chance this is the proper cable, let me know!  Thanks weed!
Nope the plain old patch cable isnt the right thing. It MUST be a Crossover Cable. They look identical but the crossover cable has 2 wires within it crossed which makes all the difference.

Incidentally why'd ya reject the answer? Sounds like i was dead on the nose.
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stareightAuthor Commented:
Sorry weed, I don't know how to use this properly yet...  I do apreciate the help...
Ahh okey doke ill repost as an answer.

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stareightAuthor Commented:
The crossover cable was correct!  It works great, except I cant share my files on the G4...  When I atempt to share the G4's hard drive the computer freezes as the file sharing starts up.  I re-installed the file sharing and networking files but still the same result.  If you got a fix that would be great and thanks again weed...
Hmmm...Might be more than just the network and filesharing files. Install a secondary system folder (rename the old folder "OldSystem Folder") and see if it still crashes. My guess is that it wont.
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