Sound Manipulation on c++.

Can anyone hand me a library that performs sound manipulation ?

I want it to get input from the microphone,
Use it as output through the speakers with an option to delay.

This question will be graded as A if it can choose a specific sound from the sound card Sounds bank (All Sound cards). Please attach an documented example for these three uses.
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Which OS? ...
yyyannagAuthor Commented:
windows 95/98 OS's.
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The sound card must support full duplex in order to record and play at the same time.
whether u like it or not, you have to use multimedia api defined in mmsystem.h
for wave recording use waveInXXX functions and for output use waveOutXXX functions.
-best regards
yyyannagAuthor Commented:
chensu, you're right, but I want the library to record the input into memory and play it later, by request (buffer ?)

sun307, does the multimedia api suuports buffer recording? is it included in the c++ default libraries, or do I have to download it from somewhere?

AlexVirochovsky, I havn't checked your site yet. as soon as I check it, I'll post another comment.

Thanks, guys.
DirectShow is the best choice for this case.
yyyannagAuthor Commented:
chensu, Thanks a lot. I hope this will help me.
However, I have no clue in c++ programming (I'm programming this with a friend). so I have to give these links to him, and if it helps me achieve what I asked for, I'll be happy to grant you the points.

Thanks again.
yyyannagAuthor Commented:

Well, I've been doing some thinking, And it's wrong to do what I did, To hold you on the line for so long.
If the code does what it's suppposed to do, Then I'm granting you the points, Eventhough I havn't checked them yet (I just looked at the general code, And it seems fine).

Thanks again, and sorry for the waiting.
No offense, I hope.
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