Do not show sender's address

Is it possible to send Lotus Notes email without the sender's email address shown on the message? Our Help Desk department would like to send email to customers so that the customer sees only one generic email address as the sender, e.g. I am aware of the "ReplyTo" field, but this is not what I need.
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Simon_HendryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can write some code for an action button and add it to their mail template as an action button on the memo form that will fake their name .. here is the code. This code works for a 4.6 mail template.. I have not tested it in 5 , but I assume it works fine for that mail template too

You will need to change the lines

 MemoDoc.From = ""
 MemoDoc.Principal= ""

To include the address of the user you want the memo's to be from i.e

 MemoDoc.From = ""
 MemoDoc.Principal= ""

' Code Begins

 Dim Sess As New NotesSession
     Dim Wspace As New NotesuiWorkspace
     Dim UiDoc As NotesuiDocument
     Dim Doc As NotesDocument
     Dim NoteID As String    
     Dim MemoDoc As NotesDocument
     Dim ThisDB As NotesDatabase
     Dim MailBox As NotesDatabase
     Dim answer As Integer
     Dim SendTo As NotesItem
     Dim PostDate As NotesDateTime
     Set UIdoc = Wspace.CurrentDocument
     Set Doc = UIDoc.Document
     If Doc.SendTo(0) = "" Then
          Msgbox "You must enter a least one recipient for the memo"
          Exit Sub
     End If
     ' Get the Current Mail file
     Set ThisDB =  Sess.CurrentDatabase
     ' Get the on their mail server
     Set MailBox = New NotesDatabase(thisDb.Server,"")
     ' Save the memo as a draft , so that it is not processed by any in-built functionality
     Doc.TmpAction ="SaveAsDraft"
     Call UiDoc.Save()
     ' Get the NotesID of the newly created document so we can get it from the backend to delete it
     NoteID =  Doc.NoteID
     answer% = Messagebox("Do you want to save a copy of this document?", 36,"Save a Copy?")
     ' Remove the old front-end reference to the back-end notesdocument
     Delete Doc    
     Call UIDoc.Close()
     ' Get a new backend reference to the document
     Set Doc = ThisDb.GetDocumentbyID(NoteID)
     ' Now create a new copy of this document in the Mail Routers on the mail server
     Set MemoDoc = New NotesDocument(MailBox)
     ' copy over all of the information from this document
     Call Doc.CopyAllItems(Memodoc, False)
     ' Now Rewrite the from field and the PRINCIPAL field
     MemoDoc.From = ""
     MemoDoc.Principal= ""
     ' Now create a recipients field for the document
     Set SendTo = Doc.GetFirstItem("SendTo")
     Call SendTo.CopyItemToDocument(MemoDoc,"Recipients")
     ' Save the document in the so the router will route it to the users for us
     Call  MemoDoc.Save(True,False)
     If answer% = 6 Then
          ' The user want to save the document as a sent message , so set the postedDate field so it will appear in the sent view
          Set PostedDate = New NotesDateTime("")
          Call PostedDate.SetNow()
          Call Doc.Save(True,False)
          ' the user doesn't want to save the document so remove it
          Call Doc.Remove(True)
     End If

' Code Ends
Hi Marios,

Easiest approach for this is to create an id for HelpDesk and send out the mail from that id.   The Help desk users(who may be responsible for sending out mails) may create a location document for using the helpdesk id

More than one person can have that id and use it for the purpose.

Good Luck !

Arun's comment is a better solution in that it's easier, straight forward and your not changing your Templates.  Also this will allow for the use of Digital Signatures and Encryption.

St. Harris
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Your tell me that switching id is easier than pressing an action button... Interesting ???
Overall, yes.
You must look at this from an Administrative point of view, not a Developer's.  I'm not saying that your solution is not clever, I'm saying it's not the best solution overall.

St. Harris
So overall you are saying that it is easier for a user to close all their open windows and unsaved forms , switch id , send an e-mail and switch back to their id and re-open all of there windows to send an one e-mail than it is to open a new window and type an e-mail and press a button..???

You should look at it from the user point of view , not an administrators..


What are these Users doing?....  Helpdesk
Since there is more than one person manning the Helpdesk, I'm going to assume that they are a busy Helpdesk.  How often do you think that they will switch between IDs being at the Helpdesk?  Probably not often.  Also, Arun's suggestion to use the Location Document for the User will seemlessly switch between identities with a click of a button.

Now, a couple scenarios in why you need to understand that administration is important.  The helpdesk gets a request from a User to recertifiy their ID file or perform a name change, your solution will not work in facilitating these requests.  A User sends the helpdesk a sensitive document encrypted, who's key will the User use to encrypt the document?  I can come up with a lot more why overall this is not the best solution for this scenario.

St. Harris
Please take note that the original question states that they want to send their e-mail as something like so I am guesising they will not be recieving any encrypted mail in a hurry...

Also they will be switching id everytime they send mail... Even if its a location document they have to close everything their doing


All I'm saying is, in a standard Helpdesk environment the fix you are providing is not a solution. However, we have no idea what marios' environment is.  Maybe your fix is exactly what is needed, maybe not.  Without asking the correct questions a quick fix (workaround) might be given but not a solution.

St. Harris
Hi All

This is a nice and healthy discussion. But nobody bothered to get a comment from Marios, who knows exactly what is going on. So we should wait for him to accept the solution.

So give him a choice.

SIMON I have a question if the customer wan't to reply back where should that one be addressed.

mariosAuthor Commented:
Simon's approach will not work. I tried it well before posting this question. I would gladly use this solution if it worked, but Lotus has done everything they could so that senders cannot fake their addresses. I was also aware of the user id approach, which my Help Desk people didn't exactly like, for the reasons already stated. I have also heard of people creating messages directly into to bypass Lotus's restrictions, a tedious and ugly approach.
Just a question..

You say my code does not work ... and then go on to say that you have heard of  people creating messages directly in ... That what my tedious and ugly approach does ????

Have you actually tried my code ?  I can assure you it works fine !! I have a couple of system thay use this exact code.

And I agree with Hemanth , their really wasn't any point to st harris's and my rabbling since we never got that was "really" going on... But I think the disscussion was worth while... It more interesting than what I was doing a work yesterday anyway !!

Thanks All

Hope I can be of assistance in the future

mariosAuthor Commented:
Simon, I apologize I didn't notice you proposed the approach. I thought you suggested changing the From field, which I had tried and didn't work. The "tedious and ugly" comment was mentioned in the newsgroups for the approach in general. For sure I will try this since I don't have the luxury of many choices. Thanks for your help.
mariosAuthor Commented:
I tried this and it works very well. Thanks again.
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