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I am currently putting together a very simple Intranet therefore the site I have is designed to WORK OFFLINE.

What I would like on my site is a message board where members of staff can leave messages on.

I know there are many many sites that are around that host the contents of the message board on there server, but I need the contents of the message board on our server, which will not be connected to the net, so the contents will be in a folder somewhere, our network.
Is there a simple piece of java script I could copy and paste into my HTML to give this effect with some sort of CGI.  I do not want it pubished on the net. And it must be free, becuase this is part of my assignment.

The purpose of this script is so that staff can post there messages/events or news on the board.

In Advance I am not a programmer. I would appreciate any actual working copies, that I could simply just change and adapt.  If you are after points that it not a problem just ask so long as I can some how get a solution.


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Install ActivePerl on your server. Then download Matt's WWWBoard.
It is very easy to use, and it is most widely used CGI script. Just change some of the variables specified in the README
michaeldiAuthor Commented:
chensu this is one of the very few sites that I have actually looked at.
I could not find anything suitable, that will work on a Intranet.
However If you can be more specific or can tell me exactly where to look then I am open to suggestions.
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IF it will work on the Internet it will work on an Intranet.  The only difference is who can access them not technology. That is if what you are describing is indeed an intranet.
michaeldiAuthor Commented:
The LINKS provided are not suitable because there is not one there which would work on windows 95.
If been through all of them which took me a long time, 99% of them work on unix or perl system.....
michaeldiAuthor Commented:
I cant use that because of the fact it uses perl and secuity would not allow cahnges or programs like that to be installed.
Ive seen matts scripts
Why dont you visit . And download the message board. It is very good and easy to use.
michaeldiAuthor Commented:
I  had a look at that that is perl again??????
Michaeldi: Two points. Firstly to do what you want you are going to need something running on the server. You will not achieve this with Jvascript alone as it doesn't have the ability to write to files. So your options are either a CGI written in Perl or C or scripts written in ASP. If you can't run CGIs or ASP then you are stumped (ok PL/SQL if you are running Oracles Web Server).

Secondly if you ar adamant that you can't use Perl then I suggest that you reject the previous answer so that your question gains better visibility.


michaeldiAuthor Commented:
Answer accepted
michaeldiAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for your answer the understanding is what im striggling with here, I now relise that my solution will have to be *.ASP

Your answer has helped guide me in asking the question properly....

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