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Is there anyway to prevent my website visitor from stealing my images. I have tried to put the "disable right click" code on my html but people still can steal the image by capture it.

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chewymonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The short answer is "No".  If it can be seen, it can be copied.  Plus, in order to been seen, there is acopy somewhere on the client.  Plus, the page can be saved for offline viewing, which will download a copy of the pic. Plus, the page can be opened in Netscape Composer and saved with associated images. Plus,... you get the idea.  Basically, once it is put on the web for genersl viewing, it is out of your control.  You can always sue for copyright infringement, but lots of luck collecting anything worthwhile.  Sorry.
He's right!  Disabling right click, and adding copyright notice is about the best you can do, and even that's only a deterent...

The only real way to do it is ussing a simple java applet lo show the images. But I don't recoment you this method due the increase of the page load time.

Free Tool: Port Scanner

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Or use the method of new Image() with Image being all code (ie, ou hafta find out all the values of every place of the image, and place that value in the variable, then make the new Image...and there you are.
Mickey2000Author Commented:
Could you gimme a code you meant?
you accepted an answer and then still want more help?...uhm....not that I care about the points, but seems a bit weird to me
CJ_S - Won't a screen capture still get the image?
true....but who does that nowadays???....I mean, there'll be a loss of quality....

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