98 SE Fullversion over 98

I have 98 SE full version but it will not allow me to install it over 98. It says that I have to get the upgrade version of 98 SE.

Without having to format part or fully my drive, is ther a way I can bypass this stupidity. Where does 98 se looks for it to give me this message. Is there a way around this.

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Omega5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
that won't help just deleting the win.com... it actually scans the root directory for the system files like IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS and the registry... so whether or not the the win.com is there it will still detect the presence of windows...
Del the win.com file


Are you sure this is on the up and up?

Yes, delete or rename the win.com file in your Windows directory (from DOS) and then run setup. (No I don't expect the points I'm just clarifying)
RogerRabbitAuthor Commented:
Does it mean that I have to delete all of the above which will make all other programs non operational?
Am I cornered with this problem ?
Yes. Deleting the win.com I believe will effect all your other apps.
Boot with startup floppy, win98 with cd-rom drivers loaded.
at a: go to cd-r drive letter and type: setup.
Install to your C:\windows or whereever directory its at.
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